Honda spearheads 2023 Trail Ride and “Road to Champion” campaigns

Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) recently launched its 2023 Trail Ride Campaign in North Luzon, which aims to strengthen off-road activities and provide adventure to motorcycle enthusiasts. The third leg of the Honda Trail Ride took place in Cauayan, Isabela, to coincide with the opening of the latest Honda Flagship Store in the area on March 1, 2023.

The event saw seasoned off-road riders and enthusiasts traverse mostly unpaved roads with uphill, downhill, and river crossing sections. The event allowed riders to explore and experience the adventure of riding an off-road bike while enjoying the great outdoors.

Leo Cachero, the Motorcycle Planning Department Manager at HPI, noted that the Honda Trail Ride is part of the Ride Red campaign, offering a great way for customers to enjoy their motorcycle rides and outdoor activities. Cauayan, which boasts various ranges of mountain trails, ridges of rolling hills, pathways with trees, and flowing rivers, is the perfect destination for adventurous riders in the Cagayan Valley.

The Honda Trail Ride is an exciting experience, and HPI encourages other adventurous motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the CRF models and enjoy owning a Honda motorcycle.

Apart from the Trail Ride campaign, HPI has also started its “Road to Champion” campaign, which aims to train young riders in partnership with SDG Motorsports HARC-PRO Philippines.

HPI trained two young Filipino riders, Alfonsi Daquigan and Jakob Sablaya, at the Tarlac Circuit Hill with founder Mr. Shigeki Honda and three Japanese World Class coaches and riders, Mr. Yuki Kunii, Teppei Nagoe, and Haruki Noguchi. The three coaches and riders have extensive experience in racing, including competing in the Moto3 Honda Team Asia, J-GP2 Champion with MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO, and the 2023 ASB1000 Race Category in Asia Road Racing Championships.

The training imparted crucial lessons to the young riders, including the importance of determination, discipline, and perseverance in making them better racers.

According to HPI riders, a racer must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to take on the challenge of racing. HPI’s “Road to Champion” campaign aims to provide opportunities for young riders to gain hands-on experience, enhance their skills, and develop into successful racers.

Overall, Honda Philippines Inc.’s Trail Ride campaign and “Road to Champion” campaign provide exciting opportunities for motorcycle enthusiasts to explore and experience off-road riding while enhancing their skills and developing into successful racers. HPI’s commitment to promoting adventure and outdoor activities through its products and campaigns is a testament to its leadership in the motorcycle industry in the Philippines.

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