OMODA and the Upcoming OMODA 5

Upcoming automotive brand OMODA is set to enter the Philippines this 2023. As the Philippine team prepares to introduce the brand in the market, please allow us to share some initial information about the brand and its introductory product, the Omoda 5.

The “O” in OMODA indicates surprise, positivity and energy. It also is derived from the symbol of Oxygen, a necessary element of life.

 On the other hand, MODA is patterned after the word “Modern”, MODA means modern and fashionable. As a brand, Omoda promises to deliver vehicles with sleek exterior styling and high-tech features.

    OMODA – a brand dedicated to the youthful and trendy driver – aims to deliver vehicles that satisfy the needs of the new generation. With this, Omoda’s Global Research and Development team conducted over 1000 researches in 20 countries, including ours, with the intention to create a vehicle that meets the expectations from the usual SUV – and more. The first product to be introduced to the Philippines, the Omoda 5, will integrate the characteristics of vehicles from different categories – the space of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV and the handling + comfort of a sedan.

As for in-cabin technology, which is a common concern for young consumers, the OMODA 5 will be equipped with dual 10.25-inch screens, a 4.0 human-machine interface system and ADAS, which has 16 safe driving assistance functions, boasting of a comprehensive intelligent technology system.

OMODA will formally launch in the Philippines in the latter part of 2023 with the OMODA 5 as its introductory product. Meanwhile, as the PH Team sets up shop, please expect more information about OMODA and its products to come your way.

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