Isuzu shows off the refreshed D-MAX and mu-X

Isuzu Philippines Corporation is ending their April in a festive mood as they show off the refreshed D-MAX and mu-X to the public. It’s not a simple meet and greet with their iconic offerings too as they conducted test drives, afternoon games, car club meetups, dog shows, and a small concert with the leading acts in the country—all in a night they call ‘Isuzu Summer Music Festival.’

Starting with the D-MAX, its LS-E and LS-A trims received a slightly redesigned front grille. The area under the prominent horizontal bars now has thin slats compared to the square mesh previously for a more open and refreshing look. It also got added flair thanks to the dark chrome finish that joins the dark gray of the grille.

The wheels were also redesigned to look more robust and rugged. If you remember, the D-MAX had polarizing wheels before because its design leans toward that of electric vehicles rather than that of a rugged pickup truck. The latest set sports 18-inch rims still finished in black, which complements the new truck’s color, Isla Gray.

The treatment for the mu-X is almost the same, but with a different ending. Like its pickup sibling, the grille has a new finish called Magnetite that looks like a flat dark gray. It was also the color given to the front and rear bumper garnishes and foglight housings. Just like the D-MAX, the mu-X has a dark chrome accent to highlight the overall shape of the grille, giving it a subtle touch of formality in its rugged demeanor.

Its huge 20-inch wheels are also new and now have straight spokes while retaining the two-tone finish. Rounding up the exterior restyling is the new color called Norwegian Blue, exclusive for the top trim.

There’s also a new feature for the mu-X LS-E. Its powered tailgate was improved and now has a step sensor that automatically opens the rear door. What separates it from other hands-free operation is that here, you don’t have to balance yourself with one foot while the other is swaying around, trying to activate the sensor.

Isuzu made a nifty design where you only have to be in place, let the sensors detect you, and it will give out a beep. Just step back once you hear this beep and the rear door opens. Once you’re done, just stand in place in the middle under the rear door, it will let out a beep, and close automatically. You won’t have to balance on one foot or fumble for your key fob while having your hands full with your belongings again.

As for pricing, the Isuzu D-MAX had a slight price bump. The LS-E 4×4 AT is now at P1,905,000, LS-A 4×4 MT at P1,700,000, LS-A 4×2 AT for P1,460,000 and LS-A 4×2 MT at P1,390,000. On the other hand, the mu-X is still at P2,505,000 for the LS-E 4×4 while the 4×2 is at P2,155,000. Note that the revisions mentioned are only for the variants stated in this price list.

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