HD45 GT and HD78 GT: Trucks for All Trades

It’s not only about versatility; it also about masterfully handling any task that is thrown at it.

Hyundai’s HD45 GT and HD78 GT light trucks can.

The new HD45 GT with loading space of 15 feet (ft) for the medium wheelbase (MWB) and 18ft for the long wheelbase (LWB) can take in cargo as much as 2130 kilograms (kg) (MWB) and 2,090 kg (LWB).

While the HD78 GT boasts even more, with loading space of 15ft (MWB), 18ft (LWB) and 19.5ft for the extra-long wheelbase (ELWB) and loading capacity of 5,215kg (MWB), 4,844kg (LWB) and 4,362kg (ELWB).

Trust these two world-class trucks to haul, travel long distances, and drive uphill with heavy cargo in tow without missing a beat, thanks to their 2.9-liter turbocharged Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) diesel engine which is designed to be lightweight but capable of generating a maximum power of 160 hp and torque of 40 Nm.

What’s more, in times of soaring fuel prices, the advanced Hyundai CRDi technology behind this engine requires less strain to produce such power, delivering your desired mileage while cutting down on fuel consumption and premature vehicle wear and tear.

Even better, they’re backed by the basic warranty (varies by body builder/manufacturer) PLUS the Hyundai 3-year or 200,000-km (whichever comes first) upper body warranty.

Given the proper vehicle care and responsible handling, count on the Hyundai HD45 GT and the HD78GT to deliver the right power-to-ratio that will help secure your bottom-line, save up on fuel, and avoid costly repair and untimely downtime.

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