Hyundai Santa Fe’s new design is the antidote the industry sorely needs

As automotive journalists, we stare at cars in photos and in the metal, day in and day out. I love what we do; what I do hate, however, is the fact that the styling of SUVs and crossovers have become awfully similar across the brands.

Some say they’re sleek, some can defend the sharp lines conform to the supposed aerodynamic flow on the vehicles. Sure, but it’s still an eyesore – at least in my opinion.

Take a handful of crossovers in the market, cover their badges, and I can guarantee you’ll be hard-pressed to tell them apart. That is the current case with us auto journalist – much more so for the average joe.

It’s an epidemic, taking over the automotive industry, and we badly need an antidote – Hyundai might have already found one in the form of the new-generation Santa Fe.

The Korean marque has revealed the Santa Fe’s boxy design online, void of technical details. It is born to spite convention and Hyundai’s proverbial middle finger in the era of “coupe” SUVs and similar-looking two-boxes.

And despite that weird rear execution – the taillights could have been a little higher to at least align with the front lighting elements – I absolutely love how this turned out.

Whatever Hyundai’s design team is smoking, I’m pretty sure it’s the good stuff.

The fifth-generation Santa Fe retains its signature appeal of harmoniously blending nature and city elements, but this time, it comes equipped with major updates influenced by extensive big data analysis focused on the latest outdoor lifestyle trends.

In a departure from conventional design approaches, Hyundai Motor adopted a lifestyle-based typology to optimize the Santa Fe’s rear cargo capacity and cater to the needs of outdoor and urban activities. The result is a powerful new model with a rugged yet finely detailed exterior design and a spacious, versatile interior that seamlessly extends from its expanded tailgate, providing users with a terrace-like space wherever and whenever they desire it.

“The all-new Santa Fe is an SUV that finds a perfect balance between city life and the great outdoors, handling everything from busy family itineraries to car camping adventures. With its longer wheelbase, roomy interior, and terrace-like tailgate space, the new Santa Fe leans into its SUV strengths to offer more versatility than ever before as well as a premium customer experience,” said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President, and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center.

The latest Santa Fe maximizes its presence on the road with a bold and unique exterior design. Its boxy shape and distinctive silhouette are a result of the extended wheelbase and wide tailgate area. The front of the vehicle exudes grandeur with its high hood, H-shaped headlamps, and bold, sharp fenders that reinterpret Hyundai’s iconic ‘H’ emblem.

The side view showcases the elongated wheelbase, a striking roofline, powerful volume around the fenders, and 21-inch wheels, all contributing to the SUV’s robust and adventurous look. The rear end features a larger tailgate, harmonizing with the H-shaped taillights to create a distinguished presence on the road.

Inside, the all-new Santa Fe impresses with its spaciousness and versatility. The accommodating tailgate allows for a generously sized interior that feels like a terrace when open. The second- and third-row seats are fully foldable, offering class-leading interior space, making it effortless for adventurers to enjoy their outdoor pursuits.

Even in urban settings, the Santa Fe stands out, as young families can utilize the rear area for various purposes, such as shopping, home improvement projects, sports and recreation, gardening, family outings, and pet transportation.

The interior design complements the strong exterior with a focus on horizontal and vertical lines. An H-motif design is applied to the dashboard and air vents, enhancing the sense of openness and creating a unique sensibility. High-tech features, including the Panoramic Curved Display and dual wireless charging, add to the interior’s refinement and luxury.

Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the all-new Santa Fe, incorporating recycled and eco-friendly materials. The use of sustainable materials, combined with the interior and exterior colors inspired by natural light, highlights the SUV’s distinct style and brings inspiration and vitality to everyday life and outdoor adventures.

The world premiere of the all-new Santa Fe is scheduled for August and will be showcased on Hyundai’s official YouTube channel, where enthusiasts and potential buyers can witness the innovative SUV that promises to redefine the SUV driving experience with its perfect blend of nature and city living.

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