Petron Motorsports accelerates racing in the Philippines

Philippine motorsports is a rising star in the country’s sports landscape. Racetracks all over the country see Filipino drivers besting each other in thrilling competitions of speed, power, and precision. 

Among those fueling Philippine motorsports’ growing momentum is Petron Corporation. The Petron Motorsports program with its consistent presence in and sponsorship of racing venues helps the country’s largest oil company realize its mission of supporting the exciting Philippine motorsports scene. 

What drivers must face on the track is nothing short of grueling. The determination to finish first, the split-second decision to overtake the competition, the grit and resilience even when things go awry — all these are tested in challenging, even hostile, terrain. 

Petron Motorsports is just as eager to take on these thrilling challenges as our racing legends. In every sharp turn and lap passed, Petron’s world-class products work hard to make these drivers’ exciting performances as smooth and safe as can be.

Petron Motorsports is a proud supporter of some of the country’s most notable racing events:

Toyota Vios Cup. The event dubbed as the most highly anticipated premier one-make race series in the country sees drivers on equal footing as they all race using one-make Toyota Vios cars. This makes outcomes determined purely by driver’s skill, a coveted victory among Filipino racers.

Petron Philippine Motorsport Championship (PHIMOS). This 4-wheel event features a variety of race types with different rules and mechanics, all under one event. Racing enthusiasts and newbies alike can explore a wide range of thrills in this ultimate race weekend. 

Makabayan Racing Series. This endurance racing series tests both the stamina of a driver and the durability of their car as teams compete to cover the greatest distance in a limited time. 

Petron Philippine Overland Expedition. Teams of intrepid adventurers take their overland vehicles on a quest through the Philippines’ hinterlands, testing their off-road driving skills and ability to traverse unique terrains. 

Tour de Cebu Historic Sports Car Rally. The only historic car rally in the country highlights the beauty and durability of pre-1972 vintage cars as they drive thousands of kilometers through some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the Philippines. 

Petron Motorsports is also a strong advocate of two-wheel racing through the Petron National Motorcycle Racing Championships (MORAC).  Motorcycles are a different beast from automobiles, and this event is a perfect showcase of the precision and agility of our best motorcycle racers. This event covers three major classes for every kind of motorcycle enthusiast – Underbone, Scooter, and Superbike. 

Even the fastest pros must start somewhere. As part of its commitment, Petron Motorsports supports opportunities to ensure the future of Philippine racing; venues that serve as incubators where young racers grow to become professionals. The Petron Motorsports Karting Academy hones future champions by providing kart clinics for kids as young as 7 years old. These prodigies are put to the test in various karting competitions such as the Petron Blaze 100-ROK Cup Series and the Petron Blaze 100-Rotax Max Challenge Philippines Karting Super Series

The Petron Motorsports program continually proves that its products are of the highest quality and deliver optimum performance even in the most challenging conditions. Drivers can focus on their skills on the track, while Petron optimizes their cars and bikes – taking care of everything to allow drivers to be the best they can be. 

Throughout the year, on and off the racetrack, Petron Motorsports conveys the brand promise — “Precision. Power. Performance.”

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