What to expect from Ayala Corp’s takeover of BYD?

Ayala Corporation has finalized a landmark deal that positions AC Motors as the official distributor of BYD electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. This move marks a significant stride towards accelerating the adoption of electric mobility in the Philippines and contributes to Ayala’s mission of fostering a sustainable future.

Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (Solar Transport), the former BYD distributor, will be one of the dealers under the distributorship of AC Motors.

In a statement, AC Motors head Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, stating, “This collaboration between one of the Philippines’ largest multi-brand automotive groups and the world’s premier EV brand aligns perfectly with our vision of propelling the future of mobility in our nation.”

Zobel de Ayala outlined AC Motors’ ambitious plans for the Philippine EV market, stating, “Our long-term vision is for AC Motors to become the foremost platform for electric and other new energy vehicles in the Philippines. This encompasses elevating BYD to a prominent position within the Philippine market, commanding a significant share among EV brands and establishing a substantial presence in the broader automotive sector.”

James Ng, Managing Director of BYD Philippines and Singapore, echoed this sentiment, expressing enthusiasm about collaborating with Ayala to drive the growth of the new energy vehicles industry in the Philippines. He highlighted the shared goal of creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future through this partnership.

Ayala’s strategic positioning in various sectors, including renewable power generation, automotive distribution, property development, manufacturing, and digital connectivity, uniquely equips it to provide holistic value to EV customers. This comprehensive approach is viewed as essential for building a thriving EV ecosystem.

On the other hand, BYD boasts a diverse lineup of passenger and commercial vehicles known for their competitive pricing. The company’s capabilities span the entire automotive manufacturing process, from designing and assembling vehicles to battery technology, electric powertrain development, and semiconductors. Beyond the automotive realm, BYD has investments in areas such as rail transit, renewable energy, and battery storage.

The BYD models to be sold under Ayala’s distributorship include the BYD Han luxury sedan, BYD Tang seven-seater SUV, BYD Dolphin compact hatchback.

Additionally, the BYD ATTO 3, a globally acclaimed EV recognized for its design, comfort, quality, practicality, and performance, is set to be introduced by the end of the year. These diverse offerings are aimed at catering to various market segments and driving wider EV adoption.

Zobel de Ayala expressed confidence in the appeal of these models, noting, “These compelling vehicles cater to distinct consumer segments, allowing us to champion EV adoption among a broad spectrum of customers. Leveraging BYD’s global prominence in the EV domain and its successful ventures in other Southeast Asian markets, AC Motors aims to cultivate a similar level of esteem and significance for the brand within the Philippines.”

Moreover, AC Motors Automobile Group President Antonio “Toti” Zara III will lead BYD as its President and CEO on top of his current role within Ayala’s automotive arm.

Zara shared that AC Motors plans to build 12-13 BYD dealerships in the Philippines within the next 12 months to expand the brand’s visibility in the country. Pricing, on the other hand, has not been set by the brand yet. However, Zara mentioned that BYD EVs will be more affordable than current hybrid offerings but still pricier than combustion engine-powered counterparts.

The Ayala Corporation’s acquisition of the BYD distributorship is a decisive step towards realizing a greener and more sustainable transportation landscape in the Philippines. As the country continues to prioritize environmental stewardship and technological innovation, this collaboration holds the promise of reshaping the automotive industry and driving the adoption of electric vehicles at an accelerated pace.

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