Mitsubishi’s new faces are coming soon in the Philippines

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) dropped some interesting tidbits for their future during their 60th anniversary at the World Trade Center. There, they displayed their heritage models, as well as the XFC crossover concept and the XRT pickup truck concept – where we start our story.

The XRT pickup truck concept is basically the shell of their next-generation pickup truck, the Triton. It was already launched in Thailand last month and will come to other markets in the ASEAN region soon. As for the Philippines, MMPC executives have confirmed that it will arrive in January 2024. What’s more is that it will not bear the Strada name that’s been used in the country since the early 2000s and instead adopt the Triton name just like in other markets. There were no hints on what engine it will have or other specs once it arrives. 

Another concept brought to life was the XFC concept. We actually finished the opening day of the Mitsubishi anniversary with the crossover still not revealed in Indonesia. Still, MMPC execs have confirmed that it will arrive in the country some months after the Triton. This will mark Mitsubishi’s return to the crossover market after the quiet exit of the former ASX.

The XFC concept was later revealed to be the Mitsubishi Xforce in Indonesia. This production version was able to keep most of the aesthetic ideas from the concept car, giving it a very futuristic look inside and out. Its size is close to that of the current Honda HR-V, slightly bigger than the recently launched Toyota Yaris Cross. 

The latest iteration of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was also displayed in their anniversary expo. It still uses a 2.4L combustion engine but is paired to a more powerful electric motor and bigger batteries, increasing the output to 248 Hp and 451 Nm of torque. There’s no word if this is a preview or they’re still testing the interest of the public but it was a nice sight to see, given that it’s significantly more of an eye candy compared to the current model. 

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