JAECOO 7 Surpasses Dessert Heat with “Miracle” in Testing

Recently, JAECOO 7 faced the ultimate test, starting from Wuhu, passing through Turpan, Dunhuang and Golmud, and traveling thousands of miles to demonstrate the hardcore strength of the classic off-road SUVs.

The temperature inside the car plummeted by 44 degrees, and JAECOO 7 staged a “cold miracle” in 10 minutes

In summer, the highest temperature in Turpan, China, under the hottest environment, exceeded 51℃. During the hottest period, JAECOO testing team also arrived here and underwent a thorough testing on JAECOO 7. The testing items include multiple dimensions such as brake heat fade under high temperature, hot start, dust under high temperature, durability under high temperature, and air conditioning cooling.

JAECOO 7 has strong stability under high temperature exposure and surface temperature reaching the limit of 75°C, successfully starting in one go, and all functions remain normal. Faced with the complex road conditions in Turpan, JAECOO 7 can easily adapt and navigate through the yellow sand of the Gobi Desert, maintaining a clean and tidy interior with good dust and sealing performance.

JAECOO 7 also performed extremely well in air conditioning testing. According to the actual test data, it took JAECOO 7 only 10 minutes to reduce the temperature inside the car by 44℃. You know, this was done when the ambient temperature reached 51℃ in Turpan, when the temperature inside the car was as high as 80℃. Moreover, whether it is the air conditioning outlet or the head space temperature, JAECOO 7 is also at an excellent level in the same class off-road SUVs.

Faced with dual challenges, JAECOO 7 showcases exceptional style in its details

Facing the double test of “desert + high temperature”, JAECOO 7 has demonstrated its strong off-road strength, which is inseparable from its ARDIS all-road intelligent off-road system, which can dynamically adjust vehicles in real time, realize high performance and precise control, and make JAECOO 7 have the ability to conquer various roads.

Although the outstanding performance of JAECOO 7 under high temperature was expected, it also gave us more surprises, not only to deal with off-road conditions, but to make driving more stable and safer through technological support: the built-in Qualcomm 8155 chip can provide more sensitive and user-friendly intelligent interaction, with a 540° transparent chassis environment recognition that is more accurate, vehicle condition perception that is more intuitive, and intelligent detail processing, reflecting JAECOO 7’s classic luxury off-road technology and ultra-high performance that combines extraordinary style.

China has the most complicated climate and geographical conditions in the world, with four seasons in a day and different weather conditions in a hundred miles. The global listing of JAECOO 7 is coming. The 10000 mile extreme long-range test of JAECOO 7 is still going on, and the next stop will be the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China. Can JAECOO 7 continue its high performance under the extreme environment of 5200m above sea level? We believe that JAECOO 7’s superior product strength and superior quality will bring us more surprises in the next battle!

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