Rolls-Royce Reveals Exclusive Coachbuild Droptails: La Rose Noire and Amethyst

As a House of Luxury, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars constantly seeks to create personal and deeply meaningful luxury products that reflect the marque’s clients’ ambitions and personal codes of luxury. Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled Bespoke capabilities enable clients to bring these desires to life through the commission of beautiful, handcrafted and truly individual Rolls-Royce motor cars.

Rolls-Royce presents the third chapter of our coachbuild journey: Rolls-Royce Droptail.

Coachbuild is the equivalent of Haute Couture and is the pinnacle of the Rolls-Royce brand. WIth Droptail, Rolls-Royce reveals its first roadster body style in modern history. They represent the most involved, progressive and refined Coachbuild projects yet, the product of a remarkable four-year collaboration with the marque’s most ambitious clients.

The two of four new coachbuild Droptails – La Rose Noire and Amethyst – each tell a unique and personal story that reflects the ambition, visions and taste patterns of its commissioning clients.

La Rose Noire

La Rose Noire is the first of four exquisite Droptail commissions, inspired by romance and the allure of the Black Baccara rose, an intense, velvet-like flower that originates in France and is beloved by the mother of the commissioning family. This extraordinary motor car, presented to the clients who commissioned it at a private event close to Pebble Beach in California, symbolises the distillation of experiences, significant moments and objets d’art cherished by its owners:

•  First of four unique Rolls-Royce Droptail commissions, named ‘La Rose Noire’

•  Inspired by romance and the allure of the Black Baccara rose

•  Incorporates most complex expression of parquetry in Rolls-Royce history

•  1,603 wood pieces hand-finished and hand-placed over almost two-year period

•  New exterior paint process required 150 iterations to perfect

•  Matching Champagne Chest commissioned to stage client’s exclusive vintage

•  Features wearable Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept timepiece


This is a breathtaking coachbuilt masterpiece that celebrates its commissioning client’s cultural heritage, family legacy and personal passions.Amethyst Droptail is inspired by the patron’s son’s birthstone.

The project beautifully combines meticulous craftsmanship with focussed minimalism, featuring unique design elements like the expansive wood veneer aft deck and the aerodynamically functional rear wood section, adorned with precious amethyst gems.

The Amethyst Droptail is a testament to the client’s personal involvement, projected in a product of unparalleled character that reflects a clear vision executed with unwavering conviction.

•  Extraordinary coachbuilt project is inspired by the birthstone of the patron’s son

•  Incorporates exquisite celebration of painstaking craft and focussed minimalism

•  Veneer aft deck is the largest wood surface ever produced by Rolls-Royce

•  Rear section is the only aerodynamically functional wood surface on a new motor car

•  Precious amethyst gems are incorporated into interior and exterior

•  First time both brushed and polished finish have been applied to Pantheon grille

•  Finish inspired by haute horlogerie, referencing client’s Vacheron Constantin timepiece

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