Pioneering Neurosurgeon Dr. Joel Macatula Spearheads Electric Vehicle Movement in the Philippines

Dr. Joel Macatula, a trailblazing figure in both the medical and electrical engineering fields, has become a leading advocate and early adopter of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Philippines. Renowned for his contributions as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Joel’s passion for innovation has driven him to champion sustainable transportation through his fervent support for EV adoption.

Although Dr. Joel’s professional journey led him to medicine, his fascination with electrical engineering remained unwavering. This passion has culminated in his role as a pioneer in the Filipino EV landscape. Installing charging stations at his residence in Paranaque City, he not only transformed his own transportation but also set an inspiring example for others to follow.

A remarkable testament to Dr. Joel’s expertise, even when traveling to the United States to visit family, he’s the go-to person for electrical repairs. His affinity for electrical systems has garnered him a reputation as a trusted advisor, even being consulted by EV distributors seeking guidance on installing charging stations for electricity provider companies — an anecdote that showcases his profound impact on the industry.

Dr. Joel’s dedication extends beyond his personal pursuits, as he actively participates in the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) and the Electric Vehicle Owners Society (EVOS). His passion for electric mobility has led him to possess not one, but three EVs — a BYD Song acquired in 2021, a BYD Dolphin in 2022, and a Wuling Gameboy in 2023 — each reflecting his commitment to sustainable transportation alternatives.

Dr. Joel’s journey as an EV pioneer is characterized by his unrelenting spirit and innovative mindset. Residing in Parañaque while working in Laguna, he has amassed a remarkable feat of driving over 100,000 kilometers with his EVs — a milestone that underscores his dedication to redefining travel norms and dispelling range anxiety concerns.

Speaking about the advancements in EV technology, Dr. Joel highlights, “The current EVs with ranges of up to 400 kilometers have eradicated the once-present range anxiety. With the average daily commute being less than 50 kilometers, EV users have ample time to charge at home or the workplace.”

Dr. Joel Macatula stands as an emblematic figure in the Philippines’ transition to cleaner and greener transportation. His unwavering passion, practical insights, and relentless pursuit of sustainable progress epitomize the spirit of positive change, inspiring both the medical and engineering communities to embark on a sustainable journey towards a brighter future.

Dr. Joel learned a lot about EVs when he attended past EVAP EV Summits and looks forward to attending the upcoming 11th Philippine EV Summit on October 19-21 at the SMX Convention center in MOA.

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