British Entrepreneur Peter Wilson Revolutionizes the EV Charging Landscape in the Philippines with Solarius EV Charging

Peter Wilson, a visionary British national residing in the Philippines, has catalyzed a paradigm shift in the country’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure through his groundbreaking company, Solarius EV Charging, a sister company of Solarius Energy established in 2017 as a solar installation firm. “Solarius EV Charging” has rapidly evolved into an industry leader in EV charging solutions, addressing the pressing needs of urban dwellers and property owners alike.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and a keen understanding of the evolving EV landscape, Wilson launched Solarius EV Charging in 2022. The company’s maiden accomplishment was securing the prestigious Fairmont Raffles Hotel in Makati as its flagship location partner. Recognizing the increasing demand for EV charging facilities, Solarius EV Charging installed three state-of-the-art chargers in the VIP section and one in the basement car park of the Fairmont Raffles in October 2022, setting the stage for a transformative partnership.

Since then, Solarius EV Energy has swiftly taken the market by storm, amassing a portfolio of over 30 chargers at around 20 sites, including their milestone project at the Raffles Residences — their first venture into condominium charging solutions. Condominium dwellers have been longing for the convenience of EV charging at home, Solarius EV Charging provides the solution.

Peter Wilson, the driving force behind Solarius EV Charging, says that 90% of EV charging takes place at home, which is a crucial insight for urban residents, particularly those living in condominiums. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between the growing EV market and the urban living experience. We offer a seamlessly connected network of EV chargers that precisely records each charging session down to the watt hour, ensuring accuracy and transparency,” Wilson explains.

Through Solarius EV Charging’s innovative approach, tenants enjoy the convenience of home charging while property owners unlock a new revenue stream. Property managers may even be eligible for FREE EV chargers if they choose to offer semi-private charging stations shared by multiple tenants; thereby reducing CAPEX costs. This dual-benefit model has positioned the company as a pioneer in the realm of EV infrastructure, setting a new standard for sustainable urban living. Tenants, indeed all EV drivers, may download the “SOLARIUS” app from their favorite app store to find public charging locations popping up all over the country as well as activating the condominium chargers.

As part of its commitment to the EV community, Solarius EV Charging is a proud member of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP). The company will also have a prominent display at the upcoming 11th Philippine EV Summit happening at the SMX Convention Center in MOA on October 19-21, 2023.

Looking ahead, Solarius EV Charging has ambitious plans to expand its reach across metropolitan cities, aligning with the recent EVIDA law that mandates 5% of parking spaces in condominiums be allocated for electric vehicles. With this mandate, the demand for efficient and scalable EV charging solutions is poised to surge, and Solarius EV Charging is well-prepared to lead this charge.

As the world moves toward cleaner transportation and sustainable energy solutions, Peter Wilson and his brainchild, Solarius EV Charging, stand at the forefront of the revolution, driving innovation, convenience, and profitability for all stakeholders.

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