Industry Veteran Jojo Conde Ignites Transformation at PESIN as Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions Pioneer

Mr. Justo “Jojo” Conde, a distinguished figure with a remarkable career spanning diverse sectors, has emerged as a driving force in revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape in the Philippines. As the President and CEO of Power Equipment and Supplies Inc. (PESIN), Jojo’s journey exemplifies how expertise, vision, and a relentless pursuit of innovation can catalyze transformation in even the most traditional industries.

Jojo Conde’s journey commenced in 1993 with a prominent tenure at Shell, where he honed his skills across a range of roles over two decades until 2013. He then transitioned to Jollibee, where his expertise contributed to the company’s growth until 2016. Upon his retirement, fate had a different plan for Jojo as he was called to service when his father-in-law unexpectedly passed away. Jojo was entrusted with the reins of Power Equipment and Supplies Inc. (PESIN), a 53-year-old company specializing in medium to high-voltage electrical equipment.

During his Shell years, Jojo had already set his sights on the evolving EV landscape, exploring the potential of EV charging stations. In 2018, Jojo took a bold step by introducing a unique proposition to PESIN and expanding the business into the EV charging sector. This move was marked by securing distributorships for renowned EV charging solutions providers while providing reliable installation services given the company’s history and expertise in the power and electrical industry.

Recognizing the importance of deepening his knowledge and industry connections, Jojo joined the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) in 2019. Through EVAP, Jojo’s strategic mindset was met with valuable opportunities. He formulated a compelling business plan and paved the way for Jojo to secure distributorship rights for Tritium, a leading global DC charging solutions provider, in 2020.

In 2021, PESIN expanded its portfolio to include Wallbox with its lineup of fast, smart and reliable AC charging solutions and Exicom’s all-weather proof DC chargers. The momentum didn’t stop there. Jojo realized that the EV landscape is not just limited to the supply and installation of the chargers. To fully realize a more sustainable and efficient EV scenario in the Philippines, the full spectrum of e-mobility must be served. As such, Jojo further expanded the company’s product and service offerings to include e-mobility software and after sales spare parts with its partnership with  Elocity (e-mobility software solutions) and Phoenix Contact (e-mobility product and software solutions) respectively.

PESIN’s swift growth trajectory can be attributed to strategic partnerships  including a crucial alliance formed with PGA Cars for their Audi and Porsche EVs and SM Supermalls. These partnerships are the reason why PESIN has the biggest number of EV chargers currently deployed nationwide in the Philippines. Premium brands like BMW, Lexus, The Medical City, Oakridge Business Park and Megaworld also entrusted PESIN for their EV charging needs.

Highlighting the significance of networking, Jojo acknowledges, “Connections are everything. In the world of EV charging, networking has played a pivotal role in our success. Every opportunity and partnership have been interconnected through strategic relationships.”

Looking forward, PESIN is poised to showcase its innovative e-mobility products and solutions at the upcoming Philippine EV Summit, organized by EVAP, from October 19-21, 2023. Jojo’s journey serves as a compelling testament to how expertise, combined with strategic vision and industry collaboration, can reshape even the most established industries, ultimately steering them towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

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