The 2023 Philippine Motorsport Expo brought joy to attendees of all ages

The 2023 Philippine Motorsport Expo (PMX) roared into life on October 14-15, transforming Blue Bay Walk in Met Park, Pasay City into a haven for motorsport enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious onlookers alike. With two full days of all things racing-related, the expo lived up to its promise of being a must-attend event for those passionate about all things motorsport.

Central to the event were the various panel discussions, which featured racing luminaries such as Marlon Stockinger and Gaby dela Merced. Topics such as women in racing, the rise of e-sports, multi-generational racing families, and a special panel about the Radical Challenge allowed attendees to gain insight into the various ways racing is enjoyed by so many in the Philippines.

Of course, no motorsport related show is complete without cars on display. The Philippine Motorsport Expo was no exception, with dozens of competition vehicles at the show, from prototype-style cars like the Radical SR3 and the Formula V1, to rally cars, to endurance racers, to go karts, off roaders and even roadgoing sports sedans such as the Lexus IS350.

The latest in high quality and high-performance automotive products were featured in the show, such as newly-launched lubricants from Eneos Motor Oil, car battery technology by Motolite, and premium car care from Sonax. Many exhibitors, such as Parts Pro, had special event-only mega sales for all sorts of automotive products. There were games and raffles hosted in various areas such as the Aguila Auto Glass booth, and even a sim-racing competition hosted by Stregawo. 

The show was a family affair, with something to see or do for fans of all ages. Classic and historic racecars were a highlight of the day, such as a 1977 March Formula Atlantic chassis belonging to Pocholo Ramirez, and there were kids’ activities such as sim racing at the Drift Motor Speedway booth. There was even free ice cream from the organizer’s booth and free coffee from the AutoPerformance Ph/Kickstart Coffee booth.

Close to the heart of PMX has always been the various motorsport groups and race organizers, and they were present in force including the Automobile Association of the Philippines Tuason Racing School, Philippine Autocross Championship Series, Race Motorsport Club, Aggressive Line, Philippine Rallycross Series and so many more. Also in attendance were some of the Philippine racing’s most recognizable names, such as Louis and Stefan Ramirez, Carlos Anton, and Don Pastor, as well as Mr. Edgar Rubiano, husband of Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano and himself an avid car enthusiast.

The countdown to the 2024 Philippine Motorsport Expo has already begun, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this thrilling event. Until then, the spirit of motorsport will continue to burn brightly in the hearts of all who experienced the PMX 2023.

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