DongFeng Motors Set To Expand in the Philippines with Key Partners

Legado Motors Inc. celebrated its 5th year in the automotive industry since it started in 2018. Apart from the celebration of Legado Motors anniversary, a dealer conference was held. This is an eventful night where Legado Motors’ is giving you what you’ve asked – Dongfeng Motors is ready on an expansion journey in the Philippines. And the best part? They have invited some prominent partners in the automotive industry to make this expansion successfully happen soon. 

To ensure a successful expansion of Dongfeng Motors, Legado Motors Inc., has joined forces with some of the most prominent players in the Philippines. These partnerships with leading automotive groups such as Autohub Group, Diamond Motors, Hino Parts, Autoflare, and Dreamcar Unlimited, provide Dongfeng Motors with the necessary expertise, network, and support to make their expansion a resounding success.

With the official announcement of their expansion plans, Dongfeng Motors through Legado Motors is ready to unleash its exceptional lineup of vehicles in the Philippines. Dongfeng Motors aims to tap the market potential and cater to the evolving needs and preferences of Filipino consumers. 

During the dealer conference, Dongfeng Motors showcased three outstanding vehicles: the Nanobox, Aeolus Huge, and Forthing Friday. These models exemplify Dongfeng Motors’ commitment to delivering innovative, stylish, and reliable vehicles for Filipino consumers.

The Nanobox is specifically designed for urban dwellers, providing a compact yet spacious interior that s ideal for city living. Its sleek design and impressive driving range of 351kms in one full charge with an SRP of 888,000 PHP only which makes it a popular choice among Filipino who value practicality and style. 

On the other hand, Dongfeng’s stylish mid-size hybrid SUV with a bold design and a competitive SRP of 1,880,000 PHP. This modern vehicle combines elegance with efficiency, boasting a powerful hybrid powertrain for a seamless driving experience. 

Lastly, the Forthing Friday is a battery electric vehicle that represents the future of sustainable automotive solutions with an impressive driving range of 630kms priced at 2,580,000 PHP. With zero emissions and advanced features, the Forthing Friday leads the way towards a greener and more memorable driving experience.

These remarkable vehicles showcased during the conference are a testament to Dongfeng Motors’ dedication to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of Filipino consumers, providing them with top-of-the-line vehicles that combine innovation, style, and reliability. 

Alongside these initial units, future plans of bringing in other current and leading models are currently in progress. These new line ups would cater to each and every demographic, so that everyone can drive their dreams.

These hybrid and electric vehicles will soon be experienced nationwide through the combined efforts of its key partners soon! As the company moves forward, it is expected to bring innovation, choice, and a renewed sense of excitement to the local automotive landscape. 

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