Chery Representatives Meet with Officials of the Consulate General of the Philippines in Shanghai

Early this month, representatives from Chery Automobile met with the officials of the Consulate General of the Philippines in Shanghai to conduct an in-depth exchange on the development and future planning of Chery Automobile in the Philippines, and fully exchanged views on the development situation of new energy vehicles in the Philippines. Representatives from the Philippine government highly affirmed Chery Automobile’s determination and action in promoting new energy transition, and looked forward to enhancing the cooperation in the future.     

“The steady development of Chery Automobile in the Philippines is becoming stronger because of the trust and support of consumers. As we all know, the Philippine government has launched a series of policies to promote the development of modern automobile industry and the reform of green travel. In this context, Chery Automobile will make positive response, continue to explore the implementation of new energy technologies, highlight our advantages of high performance and high efficiency, and provide green and smart travel solutions for consumers in the Philippines,” General manager of East Europe & Asia Pacific Region Mr. Liujifang said. 

Chery Automobile established cooperation with United Asis Automotive Inc. (UAAGI) in 2019, launching the Tiggo series vehicles: Tiggo 8 PRO, Tiggo 7 PRO, Tiggo 5X PRO, and Tiggo 2 PRO in the Philippine market. 

From January to October 2023, a total of 2,999 cars were sold in the Philippines, with a year-on-year growth of 68.7%. 

To be able to provide the best service experience to more consumers, Chery Automobile eyes to further expand its dealer network and plans to add at least 12 outlets next year. 

“Chery has always insisted on the customer-oriented development strategy, and has established over 1,500 dealers and service outlets around the world,” Liujifang said.     

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