Embark On a Safe Christmas Adventure this Holiday Season with Prestone

Finally, the most wonderful time of the year is here! 

As the holiday season approaches, families are now gearing up for road trips to create lasting memories together. To prepare for your best holiday travel with your loved ones, follow these useful tips on ensuring convenience and safety on the road, as shared by Prestone®, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927.

Plan your route and stops

Before you embark on your holiday road trip, take the time to plan your route and potential stops along the way. Factor in the expected traffic conditions and identify rest areas or attractions where you can take a break. Planning your route in advance not only ensures a smoother travel experience but also allows you to anticipate fuel stops and rest breaks, making the journey more comfortable for everyone on board.


Embarking on a holiday road trip often involves lengthy drives, especially when departing from the city. Navigating through the Christmas rush requires your vehicle to be in optimal condition. Before hitting the road, conduct a comprehensive check of your car using the BLOCBAGETS: Brakes, Lights, Oil, Coolant, Battery, Air, Gas, Engine, Tires, and Self. Ensuring that each component is in proper working order will help prevent unexpected issues during your journey.

Invest on high-quality coolant and brake fluid

Extended driving hours in holiday traffic can be risky if your vehicle lacks the right coolant to regulate engine temperature. So, you need to ensure that you top up regularly using the right coolant. For instance, you can use Prestone Car-Specific Coolant with Cor-Guard anti-corrosion technology, designed for asian car brands. This coolant not only cools but also provides the best protection ever, ensuring the dependability required for a prolonged road trip.

The Prestone Car-Specific Coolant is available in RED, BLUE, and GREEN color variants. 

  • RED COOLANT: For all Toyota®, Lexus®, and Scion® vehicles, all years
  • BLUE COOLANT: For all Honda®, Nissan®, Subaru® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer
  • GREEN COOLANT: For all Suzuki®, Hyundai®, KIA®, Mazda® Mitsubishi® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer

Always remember: right color, right formula, compatible with your car.

It also pays to invest in high-quality brake fluid for your braking system like Prestone’s DOT 3 or DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid. It has superior braking power, a high boiling point, and is safe on rubber cups and seals. The brake fluid will maintain optimal braking performance and safety, making your holiday travel worry-free.

Only use high-quality and genuine brake fluid and coolant products to ensure safety

Prestone reminds everyone to buy only genuine Prestone products to ensure the utmost safety on the road. To avoid falling victim to fake products, observe the 3P’s to protect your car, family, and investment.

  • Packaging: Be more cautious about the packaging. Products made with flimsy material with misspelled words are fake.
  • Price: If the product you bought is significantly cheaper than the original price of Prestone products, it is fake.
  • Place: Buy only from the official Prestone’s partner stores like Ace Hardware, Blade, TrueValue, Handyman and auto-supply shops nationwide, including the Clorox Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee.

These reminders are essential not just for your car but also for your family, making sure everyone stays safe while in the vehicle. Para sa totoong proteksyon, use genuine Prestone products only.

As you prepare for your holiday road trip, remember that planning ahead and a well-maintained vehicle, equipped with top-notch auto care products, contributes to a safer and more enjoyable journey. With Prestone, make this holiday season a time for cherished memories and worry-free travels.

To learn more about Prestone and its products, visit its website at https://www.prestone.com.ph/.  

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