What can you expect from Omoda & Jaecoo at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show?

Chinese automotive company Omoda & Jaecoo (O&J) will finally enter the Philippine market after regrettable delays on its timetable. The upcoming 2024 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) will serve as its launchpad, and the company has shared details about what to expect in its anticipated local entry.

In a recent press conference, the company admitted that it was being careful about its local entry, focusing on doing things right rather than rushing into just selling cars to Filipinos. Of note, O&J initially announced its Philippine launch toward the end of 2023, which was then moved to earlier this year.

The four-day event, which will happen on April 4-7, 2024 at the SMX Convention Center, will see a number of vehicles from Omoda and Jaecoo – both brands under the flag of Chery Group International.

O&J has also touted that their cars will be exemplary, with advanced driver-assist systems expected to be a standard offerings, plus other high-tech features such as a 540-degree-vide camera.

Gasoline-powered Omoda 5 and its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) counterpart will be on the centerstage of the Omoda & Jaecoo booth, which will stand as the company’s flagbearer. The small crossover offers a compelling option to discerning consumers, and the availability of a BEV option should entice buyers into the EV revolution – if the price is right, that is. O&J confirmed that each purchase of the Omoda 5 EV will come with a home charger.

Over to Jaecoo’s side, MIAS attendees can expect to see the Jaecoo 7 boxy SUV and the bigger and off-road-oriented Jaecoo 8. Both will be gasoline-powered, with the J8 pegged to be a Toyota Fortuner rival in terms of pricing and features. The J7, however, could come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, though O&J has confirmed that it is planning to source the pure ICE version of the 7 from Indonesia to offset the taxes brought about by its 1.6-liter engine (over the 1.5-liter displacement tax break for Chinese-sourced automobiles).

In preparation for their Philippine debut, O&J has already secured the interest of numerous potential dealer partners. Well-known names in the local automotive scene, including Autohub, Albert Go Group, Berjaya Group, Image Cars, Bonifacio Motors, Evolve Group, GR8 Motors, AngCore Group, AutoIcon, and AVB Motorhub, have expressed interest in becoming part of the Jaecoo and Omoda network.

Moreover, Jaecoo has garnered the support of 15 banking entities, demonstrating a strong foundation and strategic alliances as they gear up for their official launch in the Philippines. The partnerships with both dealerships and financial institutions highlight the confidence and excitement surrounding Jaecoo and Omoda’s entry into the dynamic and competitive Philippine automotive market.

You can expect O&J to start selling its cars after its brand launch at the 2024 MIAS, with dealerships expected to break ground before the annual event. NCR dealerships are the first in line, though the specifics of their locations have yet to be disclosed.

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