From the Streets towards Success: The Journey of a Former Habal-Habal Driver to Becoming MOVE IT’s Top Rider of 2023

In a striking transformation of the urban transport landscape, MOVE IT is reshaping the lives of countless habal-habal drivers in the Philippines. This innovative motorcycle taxi company has not only revolutionized how commuters travel but has also provided a lifeline to informal drivers by professionalizing their skills and enhancing their livelihoods.

Placido Parallag Jr., a 58-year-old former habal-habal rider, stands as a testament to this change. After joining MOVE IT in 2019, his dedication and exceptional service have earned him the title of one of MOVE IT’s Top Riders in 2023, a remarkable achievement celebrated at the recent MOVE IT Year-End Festival held at the Philippine Sports Arena.

The Rise of a Professional

For a decade, Placido navigated the chaotic streets of Metro Manila as a habal-habal rider. His decision to join MOVE IT marked a turning point. “There are many reasons why former habal-habal riders like me join MOVE IT. One of them is insurance. We feel more confident knowing that every day, both we and our passengers are protected,” Placido shared. He also cited the substantial increase in his earnings, doubling his income compared to his previous informal practices, allowing him to provide better for his family. In addition to relying on his MOVE IT earnings as their source for day-to-day living expenses, Placido is diligently saving with the goal of constructing a home for his family in Tuguegarao – finally achieving a lifelong dream.

MOVE IT’s Vision and Mission

Wayne Jacinto, MOVE IT’s General Manager, elaborates on the company’s mission: “We are committed to helping the government in professionalizing habal-habal riders. At MOVE IT, we focus on providing a livelihood that is safe, legal, trustworthy, and dependable for every moto-taxi rider whose only wish is to support their families.”

Empowerment through Training and Support

Beyond financial benefits, MOVE IT’s initiatives include comprehensive training and the ‘Habal-Habal to Legal’ program, offering guidance and support to habal-habal riders transitioning to the platform. These programs ensure adherence to safety standards and legal regulations, elevating the quality of service.

A Call for Government Collaboration

As MOVE IT strengthens its resolve to professionalize the habal-habal industry, the role of government support becomes increasingly vital. By endorsing and partnering with such initiatives, government bodies can facilitate a safer, more efficient, and empowered transport sector.

Looking Ahead

As 2024 unfolds, MOVE IT’s unwavering dedication to this cause promises continued growth and improvement in the lives of many more riders like Placido. This initiative not only empowers individuals but also contributes to the evolution of urban transportation in the Philippines, making a compelling case for government collaboration in this socially impactful endeavor.

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