Chevrolet Philippines Reveals REWORK Strategy at Pivotal 2024 Dealer Conference

Chevrolet Philippines convened its dealership network at the Auto Resources Center in Calamba, Laguna, on January 9th. The 2024 Chevrolet Dealer Business Conference, led by recently appointed President and CEO Ms. Maria Fe Perez Agudo, launched a comprehensive Rework strategy to lay the groundwork for the transformation of the Chevrolet business in the Philippines.

Ms. Agudo, acclaimed for her transformative leadership and her pioneering role in the automotive industry, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of innovation and growth.

The event was graced by the Board of Directors: Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Chairman of the Board, ceremoniously launched the proceedings, followed by an in-depth presentation from Ms. Maria Fe Perez Agudo, who outlined the strategic direction for the company. Mr. Richard L. Lee, Chairman Emeritus, also graced the event with his presence, adding further significance to the conference.

The conference highlights Chevrolet Philippines’ commitment to enhancing the core aspects of its business and advancing its dealership and customer service operations. “First thing on our agenda is to strengthen our bonds with loyal customers and to broaden our market scope, recognizing and acting upon the diverse demands for quality and service of our growing customer base.” Ms. Agudo declared.

Ms. Agudo’s closing remarks clearly defined the company’s directive: “Chevrolet Philippines stands on the brink of transformative progress. We assure our customers of products of exceptional quality that will foster customer loyalty, and of offers that mirror their true value. We are proud to support this with a network of service-oriented professionals, all contributing to our customers’ enriched Chevrolet experience.”

Chevrolet Philippines stands resolute in enhancing its market presence and fortifying a legacy of customer service excellence and dealership quality in the country.

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