JETOUR EDSA Centris officially opens its doors

The JETOUR EDSA Centris dealership officially opened its doors last January 23, 2024. It sits at the ground level of Cyberpod 2 in the busy business/food hub of Eton Centris in EDSA, Quezon Ave. The facility is approximately 313 sqm and can accommodate 6-7 units inside, with enough space for a comfortable customer lounge. 

Those familiar in the area might say that JETOUR has already been there for a few months now, and they’re right. Difference is, back then it was a shared showroom with another brand but now, it’s renovated and it’s all JETOUR.

“It took a while for the renovation of the showroom to be completed because previously JETOUR shared the showroom space with another brand. But since we believed in the [the] brand and its vehicles, eventually the showroom was converted into a single brand showroom exclusively for JETOUR vehicles” said Terence Hofer, General Manager of JETOUR EDSA Centris. 

Alanis Licup, Darrence Co, Joyce Co, all BOD representatives of Autospeedygo Group; Terence Hofer, General Manager of JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris; Miguelito Jose, Managing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines; Yves Licup, President of JETOUR Auto Philippines; May De Los Santos, Marketing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines; and Eryx Julian Guiang, Aftersales Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines. Photos by Vincent Villa

The limited space means the showroom is only for sales. Still, there’s dedicated parking slots infront and 2-3 cars for test drives. This limitation worked for them because according to the Managing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines, the EDSA Centris team is on top of sales charts for 2023. 

“I want to extend as well my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to the entire team of EDSA Centris being the leading dealer for the past 8 months of the operation of JETOUR. Number 1 in wholesale, number 1 in retail,” said Miguelito Jose, Managing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines during the inauguration of the dealership. “We are in the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila, hinding-hindi talaga magkakamali kaya pala number 1 ang EDSA Centris.” he added.

Terence Hofer, General Manager of JETOUR Auto EDSA Centris

The right location with the right team is not the full equation for success – the car has to carry its own share of work. Something that JETOURs don’t have a problem with. 

“Customers would often decide to invest [in] a JETOUR vehicle because of looks, features which are only seen in premium vehicles, and price positioning” said Hofer. With that observation, it’s not surprising then that JETOUR EDSA Centris’s best-sellers are the Dashing crossover and Ice Cream EV. 

Miguelito Jose, Managing Director of JETOUR Auto Philippines

The Dashing – currently priced at PHP 1,373,000 – is a unicorn in its segment. If you only look at its spec sheet, you’ll need sharp eyes to see such unique features like the 40w fast wireless charger, hidden door handles, and center armrest with refrigeration function to name a few. Seeing it in the metal though will definitely make it hard to resist. It has the most futuristic aesthetic in its lineup along with a modern cabin that certainly punches above its price segment. 

Meanwhile, the Ice Cream EV being a hot sell is no surprise, given that it’s currently the most affordable battery-electric vehicle in the country. Its small form factor, combined with the PHP 699,000 sticker is a compelling proposition for those who want to get from A to B without any emission. It’s no slouch either as it can go up to 170 km on a single charge and has a top speed of 100kph with 20 kw of power and 85 Nm of torque. 

In the end, the team of JETOUR EDSA Centris makes sure that you are not only impressed by their cars, but with them as well.

“Our dedication is not just to vehicles but to crafting unforgettable journeys for each customer who walks through our doors, “ Hofer said to close his speech during the inauguration “We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to deliver exceptional experiences and create lasting memories for every customer we serve.”

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