From Quattro to 100% electric e-tron: Audi advances through technology

The sportiness, advanced technologies and emotive design characterizing Audi models trace their origin to motorsport, and the story began with the original Quattro — or “Ur-Quattro.” The victories, manufacturers’ and drivers’ titles clinched by this revolutionary model in the World Rally Championship between 1982 and 1984 were key to the market success of what came to be known as the quattro all-wheel drivetrain.

Exactly four decades later, the quattro continues its winning ways. Now also coming in electric form alongside the mechanical version, the quattro in the electrified Audi RS Q e-tron played a significant role in the racecar securing the overall title in the 2024 Dakar Rally. Supplying energy to the RS Q e-tron’s electric quattro system are motors that draw power from a battery and an energy converter running on residual fuel-based reFuel, which cuts 60 percent of CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuels. 

The electric quattro of the Audi e-tron range has also powered Audi’s performance worldwide, with deliveries of the brand surging 51 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year. The strong demand for Audi’s fully electric models confirmed the effectiveness of its consistent electrification strategy. 

Audi’s quattro drivetrain continues its winning ways with the electrified Audi RS Q e-tron, which clinched the overall title in the 2024 Dakar Rally.

Leading Audi’s 100 percent electric-powered model range is the Q8 e-tron. Highlights of this flagship model include an optimized drive concept, improved aerodynamics, higher charging performance and battery capacity that increase driving range, and a significantly updated styling.   

In the Philippines, the Audi Q8 e-tron comes in SUV form and as a Sportback. Two models are available in SUV configuration — the Q8 e-tron 55 and Q8 e-tron 50. The Q8 e-tron 55 produces 408 hp and 664 Nm of torque, and can travel up to 582 kilometers when fully charged.

The Q8 e-tron 50 outputs 335 hp and 664 Nm, and has a driving range of up to 491 kilometers when fully charged.

The Q8 e-tron Sportback has the same power and torque ratings as the Q8 e-tron 55 SUV, but has a longer driving range because of a more aerodynamic coupe silhouette at the rear. It can travel up to 600 km when fully charged.

All the Q8 e-tron models have two electric motors powering their front and rear axles, creating Audi’s legendary quattro all-wheel drive system in electric form — just like the Dakar Rally-winning Audi RS Q e-tron. 

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