PHLOX2024: Conquering the Uncharted with a Spirit of Camaraderie

Last February 21, 2024, 14 competitor teams from all over the Philippines immediately battled it out on Day 1 of the Petron Philippine Overland Expedition 2024 (PHLOX), each tasked to complete four (4) timed stages designed to test their technical driving and recovery skills. After a brief respite in the afternoon, three (3) timed segments made from natural tracks were staged the following day, Feb. 22 in Submarine Bay, Masanga Point in General Nakar, Quezon.

After completing the Day 2 stages, competitors were given the go signal (and 40 hours) to cross the jungles of General Nakar from Masanga Point to Dingalan, Aurora, approximately 50 kilometers away.

The first team to complete the challenge was Team Siga 4×4 from Nueva Ecija, followed by Team Ironman Pampanga, with the Binangonan Eagles Off-road Team as the third to complete the jungle crossing. Throughout the whole day of February 23, and just before dawn of the 24th, competitor teams slowly emerged from the jungle one-by-one enroute to the campsite/checkpoint. Unfortunately, four teams failed to complete the crossing on time due to critical damages to some of their vehicles.

The final three (3) timed stages were then conducted in Dingalan, Aurora on February 24; this time along the riverbed beside the campsite during the last day of the competition.

In the end, it was just a difference of 12 points that separated the winning team from the second placer. Bringing home the honors as PHLOX 2024 Champions along with P500,000 in cash prize, Team MYTTires x FredGarage x GibaPH (119) rose victorious, led by drivers Jassoren Flores, Kap. Jess Mendoza, and Niko Soria, and ably assisted by co-drivers Carl Sabariaga, Joel Reyes, Fred Garcia, and support crew Jayson Mendoza.

Finishing 2nd with a total score of 958 points was Team Ironman Pampanga who received P200,000 in cash prize, and Team Siga 4×4 from Nueva Ecija in 3rd with a total score of 852 points, receiving P100,000 in cash prize.

In the end, though the jungles of General Nakar did live up to its reputation as one of the most difficult trails in the country, it was the reputation of the Filipino off-roader whose unofficial motto of “walang iwanan” was what prevailed, as the spirit of friendship and camaraderie saw several competitors going the extra mile not just for their team mates but for their fellow competitors as well.

Sonjay Flores

Most notable was Jassoren “Sonjay” Flores of Team 119 who, after completing the crossing, went back to the dreaded mud pit thrice to help other competitor teams cross going to the checkpoint/campsite. Another notable mention was Team GenSan x CDO who, because of a logistical dilemma, decided to return to General Nakar via the reverse route, and by doing so, helped rescue and recover another participant vehicle they encountered on their way back.

As the dust settled, and the winners declared, PHLOX 2024 was a triumph for the Filipino off-road racing community.

The Petron Philippine Overland Expedition is co-organized by Mototesto Overland Equipment and All Traction Performance, made possible with the support of Petron Corporation, in association with Motolite, and technical partner Gears Banawe, the local distributor of ARB 4×4 Accessories, Bushranger, Second Air.



Team MYTTires x FredGarage x GibaPH (#119) 

  1. Jassoren Flores
  2. Kap. Jess Mendoza
  3. Niko Soria
  4. Carl Sabariaga
  5. Joel Reyes
  6. Fred Garcia
  7. Jayson Mendoza


Team Ironman Pampanga (#103)

  1. Jek Sason 
  2. Bekoy Perez
  3. Roswell Macapagal
  4. Arthur San Juan
  5. Edison Dungca 
  6. Lawrence Valdez


Team Siga 1 Nueva Ecija (#111)

  1. Ron Michael Liwag
  2. Marconi De Guzman
  3. Victor Del Rosario
  4. Santiago Buanaventura
  5. Benjo Garcia
  6. Rainier Ramos
  7. Bojie Jimenez

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