Chery Celebrates One Million Tiggo 2 Units

Chery recently celebrated the production of one million Tiggo 2 since the Tiggo 2’s successful debut in 2016.   

The Tiggo 2 has entered the markets across South America, North America, Asia, and Africa, including countries such as Chile, Peru, Mexico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and more, with its excellent product strength and precise market positioning, establishing a global presence. 

The production of one million Tiggo 2 units is a strong testament to Tiggo 2 gaining the trust of a million users in the global market, affirming the success of Chery’s global strategy. 

Comprehensive Demonstration of Product Strength

The success of Chery Tiggo 2 in gaining broad recognition globally is attributed to its outstanding product strength. With a foundation of stylish design, a comfortable driving experience, and advanced technological features, the Tiggo 2 meets the demands of contemporary young consumers for a trendy and refined SUV. 

Since 2016, Chery’s Tiggo 2 product design team has focused on continuous updates and upgrades. Taking exterior design as an example, from the one million Tiggo 2 offline ceremony, we learned that since its debut in 2016, this model has continuously evolved and innovated its design language. For instance, the evolution of lighting design is a highlight of Tiggo 2’s design. Transitioning from classic headlights to split-type technology headlights not only enhance illumination but also adds a modern and technological touch to Tiggo 2, making it more eye-catching during night drives. The inclusion of horizontal visual elements and a tail wing design further strengthens Tiggo 2’s youthful and sporty characteristics, making it not just a practical SUV but also a trendy choice, representing the aesthetics and personalities of the younger generation. Through these innovative and evolving designs, Tiggo 2 successfully combines tradition with modernity, meeting the aesthetic demands of contemporary consumers while perfectly integrating vehicle functionality with style, demonstrating Chery’s profound strength and forward-looking vision in automotive design.

Tailored Market Strategies

The success of Chery Tiggo 2 in the global market can also be attributed to its precise and tailored market strategies. Upon entering each new market, Chery conducts in-depth research into the local culture, consumer habits, and market demands to adjust its product strategies and marketing methods, ensuring Tiggo 2 better adapts to and meets the needs of users in different regions.

During the one million Tiggo 2 offline ceremony, it was revealed that in key global markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and Mexico, Chery Tiggo 2 demonstrated outstanding market adaptability and flexible strategy adjustments. For example, in the Brazilian market, considering the complex terrain and changing climatic conditions, Tiggo 2 emphasizes its excellent off-road performance and adaptability while also strengthening the vehicle’s durability and safety performance. In the Mexican market, Chery Tiggo 2 showcased its exceptional adaptability and reliability through precise adjustments, ensuring outstanding performance in the region’s high-temperature environment, specific fuel requirements, complex and changing driving conditions, and unique driving habits.

Through these tailored market strategies, Chery not only successfully launched Tiggo 2 into global markets but also provided valuable experience and references for the internationalization of other Chinese automotive brands. The successful implementation of these strategies further demonstrates Chery’s wisdom and capability in global operations, laying a solid foundation for its future international market competition.

Strategic Cooperation with Fortune 500 Companies

The remarkable achievements of Chery Tiggo 2 in the global market are also closely linked to its strategic cooperation with Fortune 500 companies. Through deep collaborations with top international enterprises such as Bosch, Continental, and BorgWarner, Tiggo 2 has made qualitative leaps in key technologies and components, providing users with higher levels of safety, stability, and comfort.

These strategic collaborations with Fortune 500 companies not only showcase Chery’s far-reaching layout in its global strategy but also demonstrate its firm determination to pursue quality and technological innovation. By integrating global resources, Chery Tiggo 2 successfully incorporates international advanced technologies and standards into its products, providing global users with high-quality vehicles that meet international standards, further solidifying its competitiveness in the global automotive market.

One million Tiggo 2 offline symbolizes Chery’s significant achievements on the path of globalization, as well as the comprehensive strength of its product, market strategies, and international cooperation capabilities. Chery continuously prioritizes user needs, innovates and optimizes products, deepens international cooperation, and drives the sustained growth of its brand and products in the global market. This will enable Chery to bring more high-quality automotive products and services to global users.  

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