The MG Cyberster World Tour rolls across the Philippines

It was a memorable evening filled with banter with the intrepid twins, British adventurers Hugo and Ross Turner, who regaled us with the more memorable experiences with the fully electric MG Cyberster top-down sports car as they drove it across the globe. 

What made the evening extra special was the fact that they chose the Philippines as one of the few countries in the region to drive the sensational electric sports car on. 

This March, MG in the Philippines will be touring the Cyberster in key destinations around Central and Southern Luzon, as well as the bustling capital of Metro Manila. The Turner twins, as they are collectively known, will be joining to drive the Cyberster through the country’s scenic routes and wonderful sights. 

The MG Cyberster is the British-born car manufacturer’s first-ever all-electric two-seater sports car.

“The MG Cyberster is one of the brand’s newest crowning achievements in electric vehicle innovation, and as part of MG’s continued and ambitious mission of expanding the brand across the globe on its 100th year, we’re honored to be able to take the car through the beauty of the Philippines as a big part of its World Tour,” said Felix Jiang, president of SAIC Motors Philippines, MG’s parent company.

“Not only are we showcasing the country in this monumental global tour, but we’re also introducing Filipinos to the Cyberster and the bright future of electric vehicles that awaits them,” he added.

The all-electric MG Cyberster is a completely battery-powered two-door, two-seater convertible coupe (wth spectacular Lamborghini-type swing-up scissor doors), packed with a 64-kWh 400V-type lithium-ion unit that can travel 446 kilometers on a single full charge (based on WLTP Standard). It is the first sports electric vehicle from MG, embodying a major step forward in the realm of performance vehicles.

Filipino auto enthusiasts and motorists will be able to witness the MG Cyberster up close for themselves when MG formally introduces it at the SMX Convention Center wing of the 2024 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) from April 4 to 7.

To learn more about the MG Cyberster, head to the 2024 Manila International Auto Show from April 4-7 and stay tuned for more details on the official website of MG in the Philippines at

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