inDrive Champions Economic Justice with Low Commission Fees for Drivers

Recognizing the importance of economic justice in the gig economy, inDrive is committed to offering one of the lowest commission rates in the industry. This move is aimed at empowering drivers, allowing them to retain a greater portion of their earnings, and fostering a more sustainable and just working environment.

“We recently took notice that several transport associations have voiced out their requests for lower commissions from the TNCs. Since its establishment, inDrive has consistently prioritized implementing low commission fees across all countries where it operates, including Asia,” said Afanasii Petrov, inDrive Business Development Manager for the Philippines. “In keeping with this long-standing practice, we will introduce a commission rate of 10% when we resume our ride-hailing services in the Philippines. Furthermore, this standard commission rate will only be applied after a set period of operation in the country.”

“This is because we have long espoused the right of drivers not only to earn a living, but also to build better lives for their families; in line with our Vision of creating a world where people and communities have fair and equal opportunities to develop and prosper,” he added.

Meanwhile, the company has been working diligently to ensure full compliance with the regulations. It has made significant changes to its app to align fully with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s (LTFRB) vision for ride-hailing applications. Following the cease and desist order issued by the LTFRB on 23 January 2024, inDrive submitted its proof of compliance and Motion to lift the suspension to the LTFRB on 26 January 2024. Currently, the company is waiting for their feedback.

“We are eager to resume operations and ready to meet with the LTFRB to present our case and demonstrate our commitment to regulatory compliance and driver welfare,” added Afanasii. “We are hopeful that our efforts to comply with regulations and our willingness to engage with the authorities will allow us to resume operations soon.”

The company remains optimistic about its future in the country and is dedicated to providing a fair, transparent, and compliant service for its drivers and riders alike.

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