Astara officially launches JAC Motors Philippines with 6-car lineup

JAC Motors, the latest addition to Astara Philippines’distributorship portfolio, made its highly anticipated debut at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), showcasing an exciting array of vehicles tailored for the Philippine market. Backed by 60 years of research and development, innovative technology, and a steadfast commitment to quality, JAC Motors proudly showcased a preview of six models, which included three SUVs, two pick-ups, and one electric vehicle, all designed to give motorists a better drive and better life experience.

“The launch of JAC Motors in the Philippines through Astara celebrates a legacy and partnership between two great companies, dedicated to enhancing the Filipino driving experience. With our initial lineup of six meticulously crafted vehicles, we invite Filipinos to discover the perfect blend of advanced technology, captivating design, and paralleled performance, all at a relatable price point that ensures you receive exceptional value with every purchase,” said Tonette Lee, Brand Head of JAC Motors, Astara Philippines.

JAC continues to impress with its precision engineering, resilient designs, and innovative technology in every vehicle. Prioritizing the evolving needs of customers, JAC adopts a user-centric approach, catering to discerning users who prioritize value. With a focus on quality, essential features, and an enhanced driving experience, JAC vehicles appeal to those who appreciate functionality and reliability over unnecessary frills.

JS4: Stylish, Sleek and Versatile

The JS4 is a sleek SUV with more than enough space for five adults, boasting a distinctive design with prime amenities as well as advanced safety features that help to ensure passenger comfort and security. Decked out with distinctive features, the JS4 is highlighted by a parallel geometric front grille and inverted-7-shaped LED headlights. Inside, the vehicle presents prime amenities such as automatic climate control, Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability, spacious interior dimensions, ample legroom, and generous cargo capacity.

JS6: JAC Motors’ Flagship Model

JAC’s premium flagship, the JS6 demonstrates JAC’s dedication to merging innovation with style, with state-of-the-art technology and remarkable functionalities. The JS6 embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and driving pleasure. Dubbed as a premium intelligent SUV, The JS6’s sleek, futuristic exterior and interior design evokes imagery reminiscent of a spacecraft, showcasing state-of-the-art technology and remarkable engine performance. Powered by a 1.5-liter turbo engine, the JS6 is equipped with impressive features, which include a one-button start functionality, a 24.6-inch dual-screen display, a 360-degree panoramic camera, convenient smartphone wireless charging, multiple airbags, and leather seats among others.

JS8 Pro: The Harmony of Comfort and Performance

The JS8 Pro is a stylish SUV that provides spacious and comfortable seating for passengers and driver, be it for a group of travelers or an extended family of seven, compared to similar models in its segment. Ideal for families and individuals who prioritize both passenger space and maneuverability, the JS8 Pro delivers convenience in a highly capable SUV. The JS8 Pro impresses with a striking star waterfall armor front grille, threading rear lights, illuminated scuff plates, split headlamps with deep space radium lighting, and 19-inch five-rim sport wheels. Passengers will be delighted with its 360-degree skylight panoramic sunroof, plush seating, a 12.3-inch floating screen, a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, multiple charging outlets and charging ports, and ample and convenient storage options among others. A potent 1.5-liter turbo engine, an electric power steering system, and remarkable fuel efficiency at 0.3L/100km round up the performance capabilities of the JS8 Pro.

T8 Pro and T9: Formidable Pick-up Trucks

JAC Motors also unveiled two powerfully built pick-up trucks, the T8 Pro and T9. Both designed for both on-road and off-road travels, the T8 Pro and T9 are the ideal companions for country explorations and commercial applications. With its commanding wide grille and sporty exterior design, the T8 Pro captivates at first glance, exuding an aura of confidence and athleticism. With a generous minimum ground clearance of 210mm and a maximum wading depth of 1200mm, the T8 Pro is engineered for versatile terrain. 

The T8 Pro is the ultimate choice for fleet owners and business operators. Engineered to tackle all terrains with ease, this versatile pickup truck ensures reliability and performance, essential for fleet operations. Boasting advanced safety features and convenient amenities, the T8 Pro is the perfect solution for demanding business needs.

Inside, leather and chrome accents adorn the interior, complemented by a multifunction steering wheel that controls audio and cruise functions, along with seamless connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Rear air vents and USB inputs add convenience to the spacious passenger area, while the power sunroof floods the cabin with natural light.

Under the hood, a potent 2.0-liter CTI engine delivers impressive performance that puts out 167 HP and 410 Nm of torque.

The T9 exudes a bold and commanding persona that commands attention wherever it goes. Its muscular body and eye-catching grille make a powerful statement on the road, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd with unrivaled presence and style. The interior of the vehicle is designed to impress, featuring a laser brushed texture dashboard, a spacious 10.4” vertical screen, and luxurious premium leather seats. Cabin amenities include a 7-inch LCD instrument cluster, armrest box equipped with cooling air, and a remote controlled lock-rear box. Multiple charging options, including 50w wireless USB, Type C, and 220V outlets, ensure that devices remain powered throughout every journey. For tackling diverse terrain with confidence, the vehicle boasts a ground clearance of 210mm and a maximum wading depth of 1200mm. It is powered by a 2.0-liter CTI engine that delivers a formidable 167 horsepower and 410 Nm of torque.

The Ytterby: JAC’s Battery Electric Vehicle

The JAC display also surprised spectators at the 2024 MIAS with a preview of the Ytterby, JAC Motors’ battery electric vehicle that boasts a top-tier compact design and a remarkable maximum endurance mileage of 505 kms. The Ytterby presents an enticing blend of performance, cutting-edge technology, and ecofriendliness. Featuring a 12.8-inch high-definition touchscreen, a 360-degree panoramic sunroof, and parking assistance, it sets a new standard in electric vehicle innovation. The debut of JAC Motors’ lineup at the 2024 MIAS marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the brand in the country, setting the stage for a series of model launches scheduled to commence in the coming months. Start of retails are planned to commence in August this year.

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