Chevrolet Philippines Achieves 41% Sales Growth in Q1 2024, Propelled by Strategic Initiatives

Chevrolet Philippines President and CEO Maria Fe Perez Agudo announced at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) on April 4, 2024, that Chevrolet Philippines has accomplished a 41% sales growth in the first quarter of the year, driven by the Tracker, Camaro and Trailblazer. This impressive growth has been realized through the company’s aggressive first quarter sales campaign and product road shows. 

President Agudo, during the MIAS presentation, emphasized Chevrolet’s dedication to its customers, highlighting that the journey of refinement and enhancement within Chevrolet is ongoing. The company’s growth is not just a number but a reflection of its determination to deliver value and quality consistently.

The “Generation Chevrolet” theme at the auto show stands as a testament to this promise, as the company continues to integrate customer and dealer feedback into its processes. The REWORK strategy encompasses the launch of competitively-priced products, an expanded dealership network, and improved after-sales services, all aiming to provide a superior ownership experience for Filipino consumers.

In her address at MIAS, President Agudo defined Chevrolet’s market approach: “Chevrolet is synonymous with inspiring design, intrinsic value, and exceptional performance, underpinned by proven reliability and durability.” This comment highlights Chevrolet’s focus on delivering dependable quality and its strategic progression in the Philippines.

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