First timer cadet go-kart racer, Max Trinidad brings home silver trophy

A 7-year-old, moving up to the CADET Go-Kart division, Max Trinidad, or “Max,” brought home a silver trophy among 6 participants during the IAME SERIES PHILIPPINES 2024 held at City Kart Racing, Porac, Pampanga, last March 24, 2024.

Max started go-karting at the age of 5. After two months of training, he joined his first Bambino category race under TEAM BRE of the Pacho Blanco Race Engineering group. From 2022 to 2023, he consistently brought home gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

At a very young age, Max was trained not just to conquer the track in his best time but also to make decisions instinctively on the race track. As he takes turns and switches between gas and brake, it also requires serious reflexes, mental concentration, and focus. Not only did he have to follow and memorize the racing line, but karting also taught him discipline, determination, and perseverance during the race and off the track.

Joining a racing motorsport requires bravery, courage, and guts, but through proper training by Coach Pacho Blanco, Max learned techniques for finishing the course safely. Through constant reminders, lap times, and beating his best time, Max was able to master the racing lines in no time.

Having a tall father, Ronnie Trinidad, who is a media content creator for AutoCar PH, height and weight have been a constant challenge for Max. In straight lines, he has a hard time catching speed compared to other racers who are lighter in weight. Now in the cadet division, it is a challenge for Max as he continues to grow and gain weight. He also learned that his 4-kilo disadvantage now comes to play negatively for him but turns into a positive advantage for other racers in controlling the kart at hairpin turns.

The IAME Series Philippines Cadet division is for ages 7 to 12, giving Max 5 years to develop more in the coming seasons. Max’s dad is already thinking that if he grows faster and bigger than other competitors, he plans to move him up to a junior go-kart for added challenge.

For Max, go-karting is a lot of fun; he meets a lot of people and develops his personality. He feels very lucky to be experiencing it at a young age, and he just wants to be good at it every time he is on the track.

Winning the first race should be remarkable for the young boy, and he hopes to race for the next few years.

Next race will happen this weekend , April 13-14, 2024 and looking forward to another action packed adventure weekend. 

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