Protect Your Car with XPEL’s solutions

When a new car is released, the first thing that any sensible owner wants to do is to protect it. They want the paint to be kept pristine, to be resistant to nicks and scratches, and to protect the interior and passengers from harmful rays and heat.

You need the best film you can get. You need to XPEL it. 

XPEL is a leading global manufacturer of automotive protection solutions. From paint protection films (PPF), ceramic coatings, window films and other protective products, XPEL has you covered. They even have architectural films, so you can enjoy the benefits of XPEL even at home or at your office. 

“XPEL offers you the very best when it comes to preserving and enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle,” said Renault Tan, president of HART International, the official distributor of XPEL in the Philippines. “We have it all, and we’re more than ready to serve your needs with genuine XPEL protective products.”

Founded in North America in 1997, XPEL has become a trusted name in the auto industry when it comes to automotive protection. XPEL leverages their core strength in research and development that resulted in their own series of innovations such as their proprietary formulation for films that features stain resistance and self-healing technology, among many others. 

XPEL even has a database of over 80,000 patterns called the Design Access Program (DAP). This repository is the reference of their certified installers to be able to ensure a precise fit and perfect install of their films on vehicles of all makes and models. 

XPEL has a wide variety of automotive protection solutions that fit your needs from matte to gloss, dark to light tints, and even architectural films. To give your car the very best of what XPEL has to offer and help it look fresher for much longer, visit any of their official dealers all around the country from Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu, and a soon-to-open installer in Davao for genuine XPEL products and services. 

XPEL Philippines Dealer Network

Elite Dealers

1. AC Automobile Services – Pasay City, Metro Manila

2. Diamond Film Specialists Inc. – Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

3. Wrap Car Manila – Quezon City, Metro Manila

4. Detail Monkey Auto Care Center – Cebu City, Visayas

Authorized Installers

1. Olympus Premium Automotive Lifestyle – Quezon City, Metro Manila

2. Qzone Professional Detailers – Pampanga, Central Luzon

 Soon to open

1. Prestige Auto Detailing Marketing Inc – Davao City, Mindanao

XPEL Philippines Product Line Up

1. XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film:

● Advanced self-healing technology

● Protects against scratches, chips, and environmental damage

● Crystal-clear finish for invisible protection

2. XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film:

● Matte finish for a sleek, understated look

● Same protective benefits as Ultimate Plus

● Ideal for high-end vehicles and custom projects

3. XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating:

● Adds an extra layer of protection to vehicle paint

● Resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and environmental contaminants

● Enhances gloss and depth of paint finish

4. XPEL Prime Window Tint:

● High-quality window tint films

● Blocks harmful UV rays and reduces glare

● Enhances privacy and adds a stylish look to vehicles

5. XPEL Vision Architectural Film:

● Cutting-edge solutions for residential and commercial properties

● Enhances aesthetics, privacy, and energy efficiency

● Durable and easy to maintain, with a range of styles and finishes

6. XPEL Door Edge Guard:

● Transparent protective film for door edges

● Prevents scratches and chips from opening doors in tight spaces

● Durable and virtually invisible once installed

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