OMODA & JAECOO Lead Global Efforts, Collaborating with Politicians and Top Dealers to Forge a New Future in the Philippine Automotive Market

Recently, the emerging personalized brand OMODA&JAECOO, along with their two major series of new energy family vehicles, made a stunning appearance at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. High-ranking officials including Jaime FlorCruz, the Ambassador from the Philippine Embassy in Beijing, Consul Mark Hanzel Lao, Commercial Counsellor Emmanuel Ang, and Sun Qian, the Commercial Director from the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai, visited the OMODA&JAECOO booth. Their presence not only witnessed the brand’s multi-dimensional breakthroughs in new energy products, technology, and ecosystems but also contributed to the largest-ever assembly of foreign dignitaries at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. 

As the fastest-growing automotive brand globally, OMODA&JAECOO has leveraged strategic thinking that resonates with the global new energy automotive industry and a cooperative model that promotes mutual benefit and collaborative development. Their international influence continues to grow daily. The appearance of such an illustrious group of guests from the Philippines underscores the widespread recognition of OMODA&JAECOO’s global strategic planning, localized system construction, and technological advancements in new energy within the Philippines.

Additionally, three top Philippine dealers—Autohub, Auto Icon, and Angcore Group—were fully engaged throughout the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition and the 2024 Global Business Conference. Over the course of a week, these top dealers gained a full understanding of OMODA&JAECOO’s global development layout, technological and product capabilities, and ecosystem innovations. With deep perception of the brand value, dealers are full of expectations for the subsequent strategic implementation and development of the OMODA&JAECOO brand in the Philippines.

During the subsequent test drive and vehicle appraisal session, dealers had the opportunity to test drive several star models including the intelligent electric SUV OMODA E5, the stylish crossover SUV OMODA C5, the high-end off-road SUV JAECOO 7, and the luxurious off-road SUV JAECOO 8.

The JAECOO series leads its class in off-road performance and driving quality, particularly highlighting the ARDIS All Road Drive Intelligent System, which includes vector all-wheel drive control technology, enhancing off-road capabilities comprehensively, and revolutionizing the off-road experience for users. After the test drives, dealer representatives were effusive in their praise for the comfortable driving experience of the new vehicles.

Subsequently, dealer representatives also toured the OMODA&JAECOO super intelligent manufacturing base in Wuhu. This facility is the first in the automotive production field to implement a customer experience-oriented OTD process at its core, utilizing a C2M approach. Through an industrial internet platform, it has established a large-scale, personalized customization new production model, equating it to any leading intelligent manufacturing example of Industry 4.0 worldwide. This truly low-energy consumption, high-efficiency, and zero-emission green factory employs a quality management system comparable to luxury brands, ensuring its products remain competitive internationally and responsive in the market. Representatives expressed strong confidence that, with such formidable smart manufacturing capabilities and quality control, OMODA&JAECOO will make significant inroads in the Philippine market and become a favorite among consumers.

At the 2024 Global Business Conference’s Ecology Exhibition, OMODA&JAECOO unveiled for the first time the group’s parent company’s collaboration with AiMOGA in developing the world’s first highly bionic gait-walking robot, Mornine, along with two distinct series of ecological products. During this event, Sun Qian, the Commercial Director of the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai, made a special visit to Wuhu and participated in a media interview at the exhibition. He discussed in detail OMODA&JAECOO’s development plans in the Philippines and expressed admiration for OMODA&JAECOO’s innovative strength and their personalized ecological strategy of designing “user-oriented” mobility and lifestyle in the future.

The successful execution of the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition and the 2024 Global Business Conference not only showcased OMODA&JAECOO’s leadership and innovation in the new energy sector but also further solidified its brand image and market position internationally. Looking forward, OMODA&JAECOO will continue to center on user needs, consistently introducing high-quality, high-performance automotive products in the Philippines. New energy models such as the OMODA E5, JAECOO 7 PHEV, and JAECOO 8 PHEV are set to be launched in the local market, aiming to provide Philippine consumers with a superior travel experience.

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