Launch of latest Shell FuelSave another milestone in Shell’s 110th year celebration

As Shell Pilipinas Corporation celebrates its 110th year of enriching Filipinos’ everyday journeys, the launch of the latest formulation of Shell FuelSave puts even better mobility experiences in sight. 110 motorists with different types of vehicles, gathered at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga then hit the road with friends and family to experience for themselves the Sulit ang Bawat Trip promise of Shell’s latest formulation of Shell FuelSave.

At a special presentation before the massive drive started south, Shell Fuels Scientist Tina Jia described the result of 5 years of rigorous testing for Shell FuelSave. She also offered insight into why Shell fuel research is an unrelenting process: “We need to continuously evolve our fuel formulations  because engine technology is evolving. Modern engines work under harsher conditions, at higher temperatures, under higher loads.”

Shell Executive Vice President for Global Mobility Istvan Kapitany: “The Philippines is an amazing country, with amazing passion for Shell, thank you very much to the customers here who continues to support Shell.”
Former Shell Pilipinas VP for Mobility Randy Del Valle: “When we do innovation, we actually do innovation with the customers in mind,Not all fuels are the same, quantity and quality are consistent when you gas up at Shell.”

The afternoon’s activity was particularly significant as it was also one of many activities for the year that celebrate 110th anniversary of Shell in the Philippines. The addition of the new formulation of FuelSave following the introduction of the new Shell V-Power last year, completes Shell’s best ever fuel portfolio. The latest  Shell FuelSave  gives better fuel economy that helps you save up to 1 Liter per full tank, or helps you last up to 15km longer, so you can drive further.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines: 110 drivers set out to see if Shell FuelSave can really save 1 liter per full tank of gas, and 1.6 liters per full tank of diesel regardless of vehicle type, and vehicle age.
This is what a 110 vehicle caravan looks like as it snakes its way through the Clark Speedway. 

Completing the Shell portfolio of superior fuels and services by improving the Shell FuelSave formulation is a testament to Shell’s commitment to empowering mobility through innovative and convenient products and services. As Shell continues to deliver next-generation fuels and better mobility experiences, Filipinos can look forward to even more fulfilling journeys with Shell within and beyond the confines of the road.

Head over to the nearest Shell mobility station to fill up your tank with the new and improved Shell FuelSave. For more details, visit

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