Motolite Res-Q 2.0 now offers CTPL insurance, battery trade-in

Market leader Motolite, consistent with its thrust to give motorists peace of mind, has again updated its roadside assistance app Motolite Res-Q 2.0 to include new features that offer battery trade-in and affordable Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance.

The CTPL insurance alleviates expenses incurred on any third party that is affected by non-fatal or fatal injury caused in an accident arising from the use of the insured motor vehicle.  While this does not cover damage to the motorist’s own vehicle, it aids in easing damages to others on the road.

This insurance is required by law for any motor vehicle upon registration and only Motolite offers assistance for a convenient process and the lowest rate through the Motolite Res-Q app. With the new app update, there is no need to line up at the LTO or accredited outlets to avail of the CTPL insurance.

How To Purchase CTPL

To purchase a CTPL Insurance, download or access the Motolite Res-Q app, then go to Other Services> select Vehicle Insurance > Fill in the Vehicle Information > Confirm and Check out >  Check all the information in the checkout page > select the Payment Method Pay Now > Receive the Insurance Policy via the app and via email.

Once a payment was successful, please wait until the next working day for the policy to be issued. You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Cover via email and via the app. You can access it through Res-Q app > Select Vehicles to view My Vehicles > Choose a specific vehicle to view the insurance status available at the bottom > Click on the Valid Status to view the Certificate of Coverage.

For inquiries on in-force policies, you may contact the Policy Services Department and for questions and clarifications regarding applications, you may contact the Marketing Team of Paramount Direct at +632 8772 9264. Our other contact information may be found here on

Battery Trade-in  

True to its goals to be every motorist’s one-stop shop, the Motolite RES-Q 2.0 App update also allows customers to conveniently trade in their old battery when ordering new batteries through the app.

Hassle free on mobile, customers will also be able to see via the app how much additional discounts they can get when they choose to trade in their old batteries. This is also useful for motorists who have stocks of old batteries at home that have already been used up.

Other RES-Q Services

For everyday use, the app is also every motorist’s most reliable partner on the road. The primary services offered in the app include battery replacement, tire assistance, overheat rescue, and emergency refuel – all just one click away. These services are free, except for batteries and fuel, for all Motolite customers.

Another key feature of the Motolite RES-Q app is the E-Warranty registration, which allows for faster and more convenient processing of warranty claims anywhere in the Philippines. After downloading the app, simply register your new battery’s details by scanning the QR code or by manually typing its serial code along with the information about you and your vehicle.

RES-Q 2.0 also informs drivers on the road about locations of various automotive shops that cater to different needs: tire and aircon services, repair and maintenance, automotive body and detailing, as well as parts and accessories. Knowing nearby automotive shops for different concerns can save you time and provide you with more trusted options to choose from.

The app also keeps its users informed by providing news and updates related to Motolite and other automotive concerns.

The RES-Q 2.0 App from Motolite, the Philippines’ oldest and most trusted name in car batteries, is designed to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Update your RES-Q app now, or download and register through the app store. For more details, head over to

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