Shell Lubricants introduces expert oil analysis service to the Philippines’ fastest-growing industries

Given the ever-evolving economic backdrop, industries are actively seeking practical solutions to facilitate the efficient and viable operations for their businesses. One industry that is ever evolving in technology and size is the transportation industry. As a developing country, our transport needs have grown over the decades to the point that in 2024, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has a total of 160 projects in the pipeline, 73 of which are among the 198 flagship infrastructure projects of the government. 

To address this growing demand, Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell LubeAnalyst, a comprehensive oil condition monitoring service designed to provide a health check for fleet engines and machineries’ lubrication systems. Shell LubeAnalyst optimizes operations by reducing downtime, lowering costs, and potentially extending equipment life. Shell is in fact celebrating its 110th year in the Philippines this year, Shell LubeAnalyst is one of the many ways that the company is showing its unwavering commitment to delivering world class products and services to both Filipino businesses, and consumers.

Kerchieval Balingit, Services Manager of Shell Lubricants Philippines, highlights the impact of this innovative service: “By identifying potential oil or equipment issues before they become critical, LubeAnalyst helps businesses increase uptime, enhance productivity, and ultimately achieve their operational goals. This game-changing solution caters to a wide range of industries, irrespective of the brand of oil they currently use.”

Shell LubeAnalyst offers a predictive maintenance package that leverages data insights to analyze the condition of specific equipment and predict when maintenance should be performed. This package includes equipment-based diagnosis, technical support from Shell lubricant experts, comprehensive oil condition monitoring, and a user-friendly digital platform for generating reports and insights.

Bernabe M. Hernandez, Jr., Maintenance Manager of Victory Liner, one of the largest bus transportation business groups in the Philippines servicing all key destinations in Northern and Central Luzon, shared their success story with Shell LubeAnalyst over the past several years. Faced with challenges of downtime and high oil change demand, the company worked closely with Shell to test six different bus units, representing their fleet.

The goal was to increase the oil drain interval beyond 10,000km. After a three-month trial, Victory Liner’s fleet enjoyed extended drain intervals, surpassing 20,000km until the next needed oil change. With strong collaboration with the technical adviser from Shell and the use of Shell LubeAnalyst for limit-testing and comprehensive evaluation, the company was able to make their operations more efficient. 

This commitment to innovation underscores Shell Lubricants’ position as an industry leader, delivering value-added solutions that stimulate growth. Industries that can benefit the most from this service include general manufacturing, construction, and power, among may others.

In addition, Shell LubeAnalyst seamlessly integrates with Shell’s suite of lubricant services, such as Shell LubeChat, an AI-powered digital tool providing 24/7 lubricant advice; the Shell LubeCoach training program delivered by technical experts; and the Shell LubeMatch oil selector, which matches your equipment to the right oil, among others.

As the No. 1 global lubricants supplier for 17 years in a row, with years of expertise in oil condition monitoring across 46 countries, Shell’s global network of accredited laboratories ensures consistent, high-quality service benchmarked against industry standards. Their extensive historical database, processing over 750,000 samples annually, offers invaluable insights into equipment performance. 

To discover how Shell LubeAnalyst can transform your operations, visit and experience the future of lubrication management.

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