Yamaha NMax scooters get Star Wars makeover

Are you hoping to ride to a galaxy far, far away? These models might just be the scooters you’re looking for.

Yamaha and Star Wars recently collaborated to bring a special limited edition makeover for the NMax scooters. Two variants of the scooter models were recently released, representing the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. 

Unfortunately, for riders based in the Philippines, these are only available in Brazil at the moment. The limited-edition Yamaha NMax scooters units were unveiled to commemorate 50 years of the brand’s presence in Brazil.

The Rebel Alliance edition, which takes after the X-Wing Starfighter, is a predominantly white vehicle with red details that features the Rebel Alliance’s crest and droid-style decals similar to those found on Luke Skywalker’s personal spacecraft. On the rear of the NMax right below the seat, fans can spot ‘Special Edition’ written in Aurebesh, the writing system used to transcribe Galactic Basic, one of the most used languages in the galaxy. 

On the other side of the Force is the Galactic Empire variant, which is giving us serious Death Star vibes. The Galactic Empire gets styling inspiration from the TIE fighter, the Empire’s main starfighter and preferred mode of transport of villain Darth Vader. Embrace your inner Kylo Ren with the sinister blend of black and red decals. The NMax also features a ‘Special Edition’ decal in Aurebesh.

Underneath the decals and paint of both variants is a standard NMax powered by a 155cc SOHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. These sporty and dynamic scooters are equipped with 15hp at 8,000rpm and 13.9Nm of torque at 6,500rpm with a powertrain adequate for around town use and the occasional Pod racing. The roomy under-seat storage has space to fill a full-face helmet and all your Intergalactic paraphernalia.

The special-edition Star Wars scooters also come with a limited-edition poster for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the second installment in the original Star Wars trilogy. The poster indicates that each scooter is just one out of only 340 units made for each variant. According to the Yamaha website, all 680 of the scooters have already been sold out in Brazil.

Let’s hope the The Force is strong enough in the Philippines for Yamaha to bring these Star Wars inspired scooters here.

(Images via Yamaha)

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