MOVE IT’s motorcycle taxi services now available on Grab app

Motorcycle taxi company MOVE IT has partnered with Grab Philippines to offer its motorcycle taxi hailing services to more commuters through the Grab platform.

“This partnership ladders up to MOVE IT and Grab Philippines’ broader commitment to supporting the needs of many passengers by providing safe, reliable, and easy-to-use mobility solutions for everyday commuting,” Grab Philippines said in a statement. 

“Our customers and our riders will always be our top priority, and we are blessed to have an equal partner in Grab who will work with us to provide more Filipinos with greater access to motorcycle taxi services offered by MOVE IT, enhance our safety and hygiene standards, and help accomplish the goal of the motorcycle taxi pilot by providing the TWG with the relevant statistics and insights on motorcycle taxi safety –  aiding Congress in motorcycle taxi legislation. Through this landmark partnership, we are confident that many Filipinos will experience and enjoy its many benefits, and we are hopeful that the bike-hailing industry will continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic,” MOVE IT president and CEO Francis Juan said.

Grab Philippines said that the partnership between the two companies aims to help enhance the mobility conditions in Metro Manila by providing MOVE IT’s motorcycle taxi services on the Grab app.

With many Filipinos in need of safe, reliable, and faster means of commuting, MOVE IT and Grab Philippines will work together to provide MOVE IT motorcycle taxi services to commuters and help improve economic activities across many industries and communities,” it said.

Additionally, it also seeks to widen the market access and availability of MOVE IT’s motorcycle taxi services. Grab Philippines said it will work with MOVE IT to enable the booking of MOVE IT riders through the MOVE IT tile which will be available on the Grab app beginning Sept. 23.

Aside from that, the partnership also aims to support the goals of the motorcycle taxi pilot by tracking and reporting relevant safety statistics and insights on motorcycle taxi.

“Filipinos are known for our bayanihan spirit – our deep sense of community and camaraderie. As we work towards gradually reopening our economy and building a stronger and more resilient future for our communities, we all need to work together and help one another. Our partnership with MOVE IT is a hallmark expression of how transport stakeholders can come together for the common good, and we invite all companies to join us towards this mission. We are thankful for this opportunity to contribute to the motorcycle taxi industry. We hope that many of our kababayans will continue to experience the many unique benefits of this partnership so that we can all recover together,” Grab Philippines country head Grace Vera Cruz said.

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