Old Zoomer-X becomes a cute WALL-E scooter, thanks to a Filipino motobuilder

Motorcycle building or motobuilding isn’t a new art form. In fact, we’ve seen customized bikes as early as the ‘90s. However, several motobuilders have reemerged lately, thanks to the popularity of modern bikes wearing classic or retro looks.

Tokwa Party Garage is among the known motobuilders in the country. Based in the municipality of Pateros (near the Taguig boundary), the bike customs shop was founded in 2016 by close friends Jerist Abac and Karl Aguilar.

Since then, the company that started as a hobby has garnered several awards from various events, including the Best Bobber, Best Tracker, and Best Scrambler, as well as the People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Motobuilds Pilipinas. That same year, Tokwa Party Garage also bagged the Best Big Bike Displacement at the History Convention Build-Off for its custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

Today, Tokwa Party Garage continues to build and customize bikes in various forms (including Vespa sidecars) but one of its latest builds – and frankly, the cutest – piqued my attention – a Honda Zoomer-X converted into a WALL-E-inspired scooter.

According to Abac, it took them three weeks to finish this build. As there isn’t a brand new Honda Zoomer-X on offer right now (it was launched in 2015), the base bike was a used model. The inspiration for the build was taken from another Honda bike, the Ruckus, and of course, the 2008 American computer-animated science-fiction film with a futuristic dystopian theme.

With an P80,000 budget for the build, including parts and labor, the WALL-E-inspired was given a custom subframe, fenders, headlight bracket, alloy wheels, side panel, step board, seats, and paint job. The rims are wrapped in Pirelli tires, while LEDs populate the lighting systems. There’s a pair of bar-end signal lights, too, which add to the coolness factor of this build.

Tokwa Party Garage takes care of the fabrication of the custom parts, which Abac and his team make in their shop. As the base bike for this WALL-E-inspired scooter was a used example, Abac said that they also tune up the engine and other mechanicals to make sure that the bike was up-to-spec before delivering to the customer.

If you’re into customizing bikes, Tokwa Party Garage can surely cater to your wishes. Trust me – they’re easy to work with as my own motorcycle was built by Abac and the team.

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