New electric bikes and e-scooters available locally in the Philippines

The future is electric. In the past few years, we’ve started seeing more electric bicycles and scooters from different countries making their presence felt on Phlippine roads.

Why should you consider making the shift? Electric vehicles are fun, easy to use, and require lower maintenance compared to traditional scooters. Using e-vehicles can contribute to cleaner and quieter cities. Best of all, they’re hassle-free. Most e-bikes and e-scooters don’t require driver’s licenses or yearly registration. Their slower speeds also make them safer and easier for beginners and urban commuters to use.

Here’s a look at a few of the electric powered two-wheeled vehicles spotted during the recently held Pedal Up: Philippine Bicycle Demo Day.

Nakto Ranger Premium All-Terrain E-bike

Max speed: 35 kph, Range: 30-40 km (full throttle) to 60-80 km (pedal assist)

Want something that looks like a traditional mountain bike but still get extra power when you need it for daily commutes on city streets and weekend adventures? Check out the Ranger Premium All-Terrain Electric Bicycle from Nakto, a leading manufacturer of electric bikes, widely sold in the US and Europe, that’s now available in the Philippine market.

The Ranger Premium looks like a traditional mountain bike with its rugged wheels, low handlebars, and overall sporty design. While you can use it as a traditional mountain bike with the motor off, rides can be faster and easier thanks to the removable and rechargeable battery placed in the downtube.

The Premium Ranger option uses the base Ranger model but is designed to provide further the best riding experience with its Suntour Epixon Alloy Fork, Suntour NCX Suspension Seat post, Lite-Pro 46T or 50T narrow-wide chain ring, Shimano DEORE 10 speed Rear Derailleur and Shifter and 180mm Disc Brake Rotors.

With its max speed of 35 kph, pedal assist range of 60-80 km, and full throttle range of 30-40 km on a single charge, with 4-6 hours charging time, the Ranger is a good option for bike commuters who live and work in hilly areas who need a regular boost. The e-bike comes in either grey, black, or custom colors. Optional accessories include a rear carrier rack, front and rear fender, and LED headlight.

When outfitted with the rear carrier, this rugged e-bike is ideal for bikepacking, camping, bike touring rides near Manila, so you can easily carry gear like tents, bags, etc. without having to exert too much effort especially in the hilly areas. Read a full review of the e-bike here.

Price: The Ranger Premium costs P79,000.00 while the base model starts at P55,000. For inquiries, get in touch with Nakto Bikes or Exion Cycles.

Honda Sundiro S07

Max speed: 50 kph, Range: 60-70 km

Sundiro Honda is a joint venture between the Sundiro Group and Honda Japan that manufactures, markets, and services motorcycles and e-bikes in China that’s available in the country as well.

The Sundiro Honda S07 is a futuristic looking e-scooter that can support up to 200 kg of load and reach speeds of up to 50kph. The battery ensures a maximum range of around 60-70 km on one full charge. To operate it, you just simply twist the throttle like you would a regular scooter.

The S07 is very smooth and easy to use even for beginners and the suspension is great even in light offroad trails. The e-scooter comes in eight colorways including the typical solid black, red, and blue, but also lighter and more pastel shades like white, beige, teal, mint green, and pale blue, appealing to the growing market of female riders and younger riders.

Because of the speed limit, this model currently falls under the L1b category for two-wheeled electric mopeds and bicycles, meaning it can be used without vehicle registration and without the need for a driver’s license. It can be used on barangay roads, local roads, and national roads. Riders are still required to wear at least a bicycle helmet for safety.

Price: The Sundiro Honda S07 starts at P65,000 (25 kph) to P71,900 (50 kph). Get it from Popcycle Ebike Center.

Honda Zoomer E

Max speed: 50 kph, Range: 60-80 km

Earlier this year, Honda released three models of e-bikes in China with the styling and unique look of classic motorcycle models reinvented for the Gen Z market, and it looks like these have found their way to our city streets.

While we were hoping to test ride the Honda Cub E inspired by the iconic Honda Super Cub (which we were assured will be coming soon), we did get to see the Honda Dax E and Honda Zoomer E, the electric versions of the T-shaped Honda Dax mini-bike and the Honda Zoomer mall-displacement scooter.

The Honda Zoomer E definitely looks and feels like its gas-powered brother with its rugged design, fatter tires, and skeletal frame, and zippy performance. The e-version also retains the signature sporty headlights of the Honda Zoomer, but with comfortable padded seats, a wide floorboard for stashing items, and a sleeker overall look.

The Honda E-Zoomer comes equipped with a 48V, 24ah battery and 400w Bosch motor. It can achieve a top speed of up to 50 kph and can travel 60-80 km on a full charge, similar to the Honda Sundiro. Users can charge the battery directly on the scooter or completely remove it from the compartment to charge inside a house.

The Honda E-Zoomer also falls under the L1b category,  meaning you don’t need a registration or a license to drive it. How cool is that?

Price: The Honda E-Zoomer starts at P85,000. Get it from Electric Cyclery.

Vuelo Attrezzo

Max speed: 68 kph, Range: 130 km

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Vespa? The Vuelo Attrezzo could easily pass for the iconic Italian scooter in terms of classic shape and style, elegant matte black color, and even logo styling. While it looks like a traditional fuel-powered scooter, the Vuelo Attrezzo is actually an electric scooter.

This snazzy model comes equipped with 72V 2000 watts motor and a 72V 30 AH Li-on battery. It can achieve 68 kph top speed and has a whopping 130 km max range on a single charge. For reference, that’s already the distance between Manila to Tarlac! The e-scooter requires 9 hours of charging time and can carry 150 kg max load. Other features include LED headlight and taillight, digital panel, and 3 gear speed.

Go further on your coffee rides with this in your garage. Take note that this particular model falls under the LTO’s L3 classification (electric motorcycles and scooters), so you will still need a driver’s license and motorcycle helmet to use this on the road. It also requires vehicle registration, but it is allowed on all roads except highways and expressways. It can also be used as public transport if you want to use it for business.

Price: The Vuelo Attrezzo retails for P117,000. You can schedule test rides and get more information from E-Padyak Philippines and Vuelo Electric Bicycle.

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