Vespa PH holds Vespa Day 2024 and showcased new Primavera and Sprint models

To celebrate Vespa’s 78th year and to officially launch the newest colors of Vespa this 2024, Vespa Philippines gathered the country’s Vespa riders and enthusiasts for Vespa Day 2024—a day of camaraderie, fun activities, good food and drinks, and great music at The Tent at Villar City, Las Piñas. 

From displays of vintage Vespas and 2024’s new colors, a Vespa community ride with rider groups and Vespa executives, exciting test rides and game booths, to food and beverage trucks, Vespa Day fostered a strengthened sense of community and camaraderie among the iconic Italian brand’s most passionate fans. The Itchyworms, one of the country’s most iconic OPM brands, headlined the day’s entertainment. 

“Vespa is more than just a vehicle; it’s a lifestyle choice that resonates with the values of our vibrant community. As we gather at Vespa Day, we’re not just sharing the road; we’re sharing experiences, stories, and a passion that connects us all,” shares Nicola Capello, Marketing Head of Piaggio Asia Pacific. “Today, we celebrate not just a scooter, but a symbol of style, freedom, and a rich heritage that has stood the test of time.”

“Join us as we ride into 2024 with the new Vespa products. Every moment is a chance to live life in its most beautiful form. Thank you for being part of our journey together,” says Willy Q. Tee Ten, Vespa Philippines (Motoitalia Philippines Inc.) and Autohub Group President.

Vespa Day also showcased the 2024 models of the Italian icon’s hugely popular Sprint and Primavera models.

The new Vespa Sprint and Primavera keep their current winning concept, dimensions, and engines, but boost their perception of exclusivity and premium feel by improving range differentiation and providing different aesthetic elements to satisfy the taste of world-changing innovators.

The new 2024 Vespa Sprint and Primavera are a harmonious combination of timeless, state-of-the-art design and the latest technological equipment, pleased to gratify each unique personality. So, whatever you choose, there is a Vespa for you.

Vespa Primavera

The original elegance of Vespa: essential and sophisticated. The simplest Vespa for the ones who require the pure, authentic, and straightforward Vespa vibe. In the Philippines, the new Vespa Primavera is available in White Innocenza, Green Relax, Orange Tramonto, Grey Materia, and Blue Deep. 

Vespa Primavera S

With a contemporary, fresh look that gives a touch of extra style and lightness, the Vespa Primavera S, a monument of enduring beauty and refined taste, has been updated to be even more fashionable, but remains “faithful” to the Vespa heritage, with aesthetical features that make the usage more comfortable.

Vespa Primavera S’ brand-new look features dedicated finishes and graphics that add exclusive playfulness to pure functionality, built for people who are looking for both a modern and modest look with a hint of style and refined taste.

The trendiest version of the Primavera S range is available in four outstanding colors: Beige Sabbia, Blue Capri, Yellow Mimosa and Green Kiwi.

Vespa Sprint

The most modern interpretation of the sports version of Vespa, the Vespa Sprint is an heir to a tradition of vitality and youth. This design addresses the young and young-at-heart, emphasizing the sporty styles evoked by its name, representing dynamism and boldness.

The Vespa Sprint embodies a modern, unique, and stylish spirit of sport. Vespa Philippines will carry the Green Tenace, Grey Materia, and Yellow Mimosa variants. 

Vespa Sprint S

With an intriguing appearance and a powerful sporty spirit, the Vespa Sprint S 2024 brings a new energy, renewed with a striking red and black sticker for those who have a powerful and energetic temper.

In the Philippines, Vespa Sprint S is available in five colors: Black Convinto, Orange Tramonto, White Innocenza, Green Ambizioso, and Blue Eclettico. Each shade is paired with dedicated graphics and bold black details, with either a matte finish, in the case of the traditional steering cover for example, or a polished look, like the wheels.

Visit the nearest Vespa dealership near you to check out the available Vespa Sprint and Primavera 2024 colors in your area. To locate dealerships near you, click this link. To learn more about Vespa, visit Vespa Philippines’ official website.

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