Caltex’s new partnership fuels Lalamove drivers to enjoy the journey

Chevron Philippines Inc., marketer of the Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, teamed-up with the leading on-demand delivery app, Lalamove Philippines to enable more than 50,000 of Lalamove partner drivers in Greater Manila and Cebu in enjoying huge savings through the Caltex SavePlus-Lalamove card when they fuel up at their favorite Caltex stations.

All Caltex SavePlus-Lalamove cardholders are entitled to exclusive, outright discounts, namely: ₱3 off per liter for Silver or Platinum with Techron, ₱1.50 off per liter for Diesel with Techron, and ₱10 off per liter for lubricant products.

Lalamove partner drivers will have easier access to the new and improved Caltex with Techron® — an active ingredient containing powerful detergents that clean the vehicle’s engine from the inside. This 5-star fuel offers five benefits including maximized power, better fuel economy, lower emissions, a smoother drive, and reliable performance.

“Besides providing world-class fuels, we appreciate how Caltex stays true to its promise of understanding its customers by giving what our partner drivers want and need — making their journey so seamless and hassle-free and also more enjoyable,” shared Lalamove Managing Director Dannah Majarocon. “We are also proud to announce that our team up with Caltex is regional with Singapore being the first Lalamove country to launch and go live. The Philippines has followed suit, and we’re highly positive that this will also take off given Caltex’s well-thought-out and personalized offering to our partner drivers,” she continued.

“This team- up with Lalamove Philippines reinforces Chevron’s commitment in encouraging business growth in the country. It also allows us to be of greater service to our motoring clients, empowers more businesses to prosper, and provides employment opportunities to more Filipinos. This is also a great opportunity for us to offer value for money and quality products that will truly benefit Lalamove’s partner drivers.” CPI Country Chairman Louie Zhang said.

Lalamove’s top drivers were the first to receive their SavePlus-Lalamove cards during the company’s third-year anniversary celebration held last November 2019. To date, more than 5,000 drivers in selected areas have already claimed their Caltex Saveplus-Lalamove cards. As for those who haven’t claimed their cards, Lalamove riders may head to the nearest Lalamove office located in Makati, Quezon City, Alabang and Cebu to start enjoying big fuel savings from Caltex.

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