100% electric Audi e-tron range leads EV segment

The 100% electric Audi e-tron range — composed of the full-size e-tron 50 SUV, e-tron 55 SUV and e-tron Sportback, as well as the RS e-tron GT and e-tron GT — continues to take the lead in the Philippines’ transition to electric-powered mobility.

Deliveries of Audi e-tron models are much higher than those recorded by any brand offering a 100% electric vehicle intended for private use. In contrast, competitors are only starting to launch their electric models and are coming to market with very limited quantities.

Underpinning the sustained success of the 100% electric Audi e-tron range is the infrastructure PGA Cars, the exclusive importer and distributor of Audi — along with Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley — in the Philippines is pouring massive investments on. Included here are service, showroom and charging facilities, manufacturer-approved equipment, tools and software, and the systems supporting the operations and functions of these. Also receiving continuous outlay is the specialized training of factory-certified product specialists and technical personnel comprising the PGA Cars EV Division — the first and only among auto companies in the country.

New charging facilities signify Power Plant Mall’s readiness to meet the increasing adoption of EVs, like the Audi e-tron SUV.

A key function of the EV Division is managing the installation of residential and destination charging facilities for the Audi e-tron range. Audi Philippines provides each Audi e-tron model with a host of charging solutions. These include an Audi mobile charging system that can be plugged into either a suitable household outlet or a three-phase industrial outlet. Audi Philippines also installs an AC charging unit in the owner’s home (or any preferred location). Setting up a home charging system is as simple as installing an air-conditioning unit.

Consistently strong demand for Audi e-tron GT charges up installation of more charging facilities across the country.

PGA Cars EV Division also proactively leads or collaborates with groups promoting the use of electric vehicles, forging strategic alliances with suppliers of home charging solutions, major property developers, shopping mall groups, oil companies and energy distributors. There are currently more than 50 locations across the Philippines where these companies have installed charging stations, with more being continuously rolled out.   

The Power Plant Mall in Makati City now boasts of rapid charging facilities at its P1 level basement parking area, allowing owners of electric vehicles convenient access to additional charging points. Fitted with plugs compatible with the Audi e-tron models, Power Plant Mall’s 50kW DC system promises quick charging times and, for a more seamless experience, would soon let users track the charging status via the mall’s The Rockwellist mobile app. The company said the installation of the charging facilities signifies its readiness to meet the increasing demand of electric vehicle ownership.

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