WATCH: Chinese couple arrested for reckless driving, bribing police officer

A Chinese couple was arrested for attempting to bribe a policeman after being apprehended for reckless driving along a street in Sampaloc, Manila on Tuesday.

A zigzagging brown SUV while the rear passenger door was repeatedly being closed and opened by one of the occupants caught the attention of Police Executive Master Sergeant Lyndon Casauay and his team while they were patrolling along Legarda Street at around 1:45 a.m.

The driver tried to escape, but the police eventually blocked the vehicle with their own mobile patrol car.

Upon apprehension, the driver, identified as Bae Lu, 29, failed to present her driver’s license.

Bae, along with her male companion Jason Lim, 30, tried to offer a P4,580 bribe to the apprehending officer.

In the viral video provided by the Sampaloc Police Station, the police officer refused to accept the bribe, saying “No. We don’t need your money. You break the law, you need to come with us”.

The two will be facing multiple charges including reckless driving, drunk driving, driving without license, and disobedience to person in authority. – Rey Galupo/ The STAR

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