Truck runs over, kills moto rider in Pangasinan

A motorcycle rider was instantly killed after being run over by a truck in Pangasinan on Friday.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred when the rider was sideswiped by a delivery truck which cut into its lane in Brgy. Bantog in Asingan. 

Photo courtesy of Teodulo Griarte Cerdeñola IV

The Land Transportation Office earlier said that motorcycle accidents are the ninth leading cause of deaths among Filipinos.

The transportation agency presented its report in relation to Congress amid the planned increase of the road user tax by at least 300 percent – while exempting millions of motorcycle owners from paying the annual road user tax.

There are presently around seven million registered motorcycles in the Philippines — three million higher than the total number of cars and other types of vehicles combined.

Meanwhile, Congress has approved on third and final reading HB 4611 that designates the third Sunday of November as National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims, Survivors, and their Families.

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