Subdivision roads should be opened to traffic — former MMDA chair

As a way to improve the mobility in Metro Manila, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Bayani Fernando said that residents living in subdivisions should agree to open their roads to regular traffic.

The STAR reported that Fernando, during an interview with One News’ “The Chiefs,” said that all private roads should be opened to motorists for public use, saying that subdivision owners and residents should participate in helping the government’s efforts to solve traffic congestion in the metro.

Fernando said that he submitted a proposed bill in the Congress called “Road Use Act” which seeks to regulate road sharing by opening private roads to regular traffic as well as prohibiting parking along major roads, The STAR reported.

“I have submitted a bill in Congress… on how we can open up roads. We have to change 180 degrees how it goes. Right now, it is government asking permission to open the roads, when in fact, it should be the other way around,” Fernando said.

Fernando mentioned that he ordered the opening of subdivisions’ inner roads to vehicles in Marikina when he was still a mayor.

“I was able to do that in Marikina. I declared all roads open and I removed humps and removed the gates… I told Marikeños, you are king inside your property, but once you set foot on the sidewalk, remember that you are part of society and have to abide by the norms of that society,” Fernando said.

He added that the government should be the one opening up roads in subdivisions and residents asking for exemption, not the other way around.

“Roads are supposed to be normally open. How come now that it’s government (asking that they be opened)? If a certain place needs to be opened, then the entity in the residence can ask government for exemption,” Fernando said.

He said that the Road Use Act will prohibit parking on any road, public or private across the country.

“Roads were build according to a specific volume of traffic the have to handle,” he added. – With Marc Jayson Cayabyab

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