WATCH: Man attacks alleged sex offender on moving public jeepney

A video of a man perched on the side of a moving jeepney while repeatedly punching someone aboard it went viral Monday morning. 

In a video post by Ice Almocera on Twitter, a man is seen dangling from the side of a public jeepney cruising near Taft Avenue corner UN Avenue in Ermita, Manila. He repeatedly throws punches through the vehicle’s left passenger-side window at an unseen person before clambering inside after a kick.

“Just so everybody knows, (someone) was trying to get away from three other guys by hopping into the jeep. They eventually caught up and beat him as you can see in the (video),” Almocera said in his post. 

In a later interview with Mayor Isko Moreno, the man in the viral video was later identified as Jomar Alingod. He had attacked the suspect on behalf of his friend Edison Binucas, whose wife was reportedly “touched three times.” Binucas told Moreno this in an interview.

Video by Russell Palma

The suspect had apparently attempted to escape after being confronted by Binucas and two of his friends. This prompted Binucas and Alingod to give chase until the suspect eventually boarded a jeepney.

In his defense, Alingod, said that he was just trying to help out his friend. “He tried to escape so we ran after him,” Binucas added.

Meanwhile, Moreno said that aggrieved people should seek the help of the police instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Almocera’s video has already garnered more than 22,000 likes and 6,000 retweets since it was posted yesterday, making “Grand Taft Auto” (spoofing a popular video game) one of the trending topics on Twitter.

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