Autohub Group’s first Zeekr EVs will be an exciting bunch

Autohub Group, one of the prominent players in the Philippine automotive industry, has proudly announced its new role as the official distributor and importer of Zeekr electric vehicles (EVs) for the Philippine market. This development not only opens doors for Zeekr’s presence in the local automotive market but also paves the way for its expansion throughout Southeast Asia.

The partnership between Autohub Group and Zeekr, a sub-brand of the Geely Holding Group, was solidified through a dealership agreement. This agreement signifies a shared vision between the two entities to promote eco-friendly transportation solutions.

At the heart of this collaboration lie the imminent introductions of three revolutionary Zeekr EVs into the Philippine market. Among these pioneering models are the Zeekr 001, Zeekr X, and the Zeekr 009, each offering distinct features and capabilities to cater to diverse consumer needs.

The Zeekr 001, hailed as the Chinese company’s inaugural production EV, boasts a sleek shooting brake design and has already made waves in Europe and China. Available in both Standard and Flagship variants, the Zeekr 001 is poised to capture the hearts of executives and enthusiasts alike with its impressive performance and range. 

The top-of-the-line standard 001 version is capable of generating up to 536 horsepower and offering a claimed range of 700 kilometers.

Moreover, Autohub Group President Willy Tee Ten has confirmed the availability of the top-spec 001 FR, a high-performance version boasting a staggering output of 1,248 horsepower.

In contrast to the sporty demeanor of the Zeekr 001, the Zeekr 009 emerges as a spacious and family-friendly MPV, equipped with a potent dual-motor powertrain capable of delivering 536 horsepower and boasting an impressive CLTC range of 822 kilometers. The Zeekr 009 promises to revolutionize the concept of electric family vehicles in the Philippine market.

Completing the trio of groundbreaking EVs is the Zeekr X, a subcompact crossover EV sharing a platform with the Volvo EX30. Despite its compact stature, the Zeekr X packs a punch with a powerful motor capable of delivering 428 horsepower and offering a CLTC range of 400 kilometers.

While exact specifications for the Philippine-spec versions of these EVs are yet to be disclosed, one thing remains certain: the arrival of Zeekr’s cutting-edge electric vehicles signifies a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards sustainable mobility. With Autohub Group at the helm of distribution, these innovative EVs are poised to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and drive positive change in the Philippine automotive industry.

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