This is the future of electric BMW SUVs

BMW has unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse X, marking a significant stride in the realm of electric SUVs, or Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) in BMW speak. This concept, the second in the Vision Neue Klasse series, provides a glimpse into the forthcoming generation of BMW SAVs, specifically previewing the next iteration of the BMW X3.

Embodying a design ethos reminiscent of the classic BMW lineage, the Vision Neue Klasse X introduces a modern interpretation of the iconic kidney grilles, drawing inspiration from the historic narrow, upright grilles debuted in the 1961 BMW 1500. The front fascia features a striking full-width light panel housing dynamic headlights, creating an impression of width and modernity, with customizable animations greeting approaching drivers.

At the rear, the design is characterized by expansive taillights spanning the width of the vehicle, complemented by a simplified rendition of the BMW roundel logo. Clean lines and an airy aesthetic define the exterior, accentuated by flush-fit trim elements finished in Coral Silver.

Underpinning this visionary concept is the next-generation Neue Klasse platform, adaptable to various powertrains including combustion, hydrogen, and hybrids, but primarily engineered for battery-electric propulsion. Central to this platform is the sixth-generation eDrive technology, featuring cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells boasting a 20% higher energy density than previous iterations. Additionally, the platform integrates an 800-volt architecture, enabling faster charging speeds by up to 40%.

Highlighting BMW’s commitment to technological advancement, the Neue Klasse platform incorporates four advanced super-brains, facilitating enhanced vehicle management and performance optimization. These high-performance computers process data from the vehicle’s surroundings, occupants, and components, maximizing efficiency, performance, and comfort. Notably, one of the super-brains is dedicated to automated driving, indicating BMW’s progression towards Level 3 autonomy.

Inside the Vision Neue Klasse X, an immersive user experience awaits, driven by BMW’s Panoramic Vision infotainment system. This centralized display, augmented by a 3D head-up display and AI-enabled Intelligent Personal Assistant, ensures essential information is readily accessible while minimizing distractions.

Introducing a new feature, the Personal Sound Experience (PSE) enables drivers to customize the vehicle’s soundtrack via physical interaction with the HYPERSONX Wheel, enhancing the driving experience

In line with BMW’s sustainability initiatives, the Vision Neue Klasse X incorporates recycled and sustainable materials throughout its interior, setting a standard for eco-conscious manufacturing. Production is slated to commence at BMW’s Group Plant Debrecen in Hungary, a facility designed to operate on fossil-free energy, with vehicles expected to roll off the assembly line by 2026.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X represents more than just a concept; it signifies BMW’s bold vision for the future of electric SAVs, blending iconic design elements with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, setting a new benchmark for the automotive industry.

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