Inspiring inclusion: Ford Philippines is locked and loaded for Women’s Month

Last February 26, 2024 Ford Philippines hosted an early Women’s month celebration by treating the female members of the media to an afternoon of firing at Armscor Shooting Center in Marikina. As adventurous as I am, there were mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. It’ll be my first time holding an actual gun. 

Before heading to the shooting range, Ford loaded us with a sumptuous meal from Apéro in Temple Drive. After an hour of catching up and conversations, we got in our assigned Ford vehicles and hit the road. 

There were prior arrangements and I got to take with me the next-generation Ford Territory. If you’ve tried your hand on the previous Territory, the size jump to the newer model is conspicuous. It has grown longer and taller, but thankfully retained its maneuverability and agility, which I experienced first-hand driving to the deeper parts of Marikina.

The Territory also embraces a more modern, commanding exterior that surely turns heads on the road. This amplifies its appeal to both young and mature consumers alike. 

A brief 45-minute drive was enough for me to tell that its modern appeal extends all the way inside; I was able to appreciate the rich tech and safety features of the Territory. 

Modern touches are very apparent — from the rotary e-Shifter and Auto Start-Stop tech down to the 12-inch infotainment with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Don’t even get me started with the driver assist features that became my best friend while driving through narrow roads. 

The Modern Creatures’ Vikka Francisco takes aim

Once we finally reached our destination, it was game time. Of course, I came prepared and did my own little research prior to shooting day to arm myself with a couple of do’s and don’ts, most of which were reiterated by our assigned range coach that day. 

We were taught the basics since the majority of the group were first timers. These include teaching us the parts of the gun, as well as handling and loading it. Some of the do’s include to always point the gun at a safe direction and to make sure that we keep our fingers off the trigger until we’re ready to shoot. 

It felt slightly intimidating given that I had no experience at all. I was also concerned about the strong recoil. I kept in mind to keep a proper stance, lock my elbows, get a good grip, and steady my wrists. 

We move on to the fun part — the actual shooting. After my first shot using a .45mm caliber, I felt a switch in me that turned all the apprehensions to a rush of positive energy. It makes you feel in the zone, which gave me a better understanding why people deem it as a stress-relieving activity. 

It was indeed an empowering afternoon shooting our shots (literally). Gender biases in sports are still highly prevalent in our society, but that’s where small efforts to challenge that come in. 

Isn’t it amazing when you get to challenge the norms, break stereotypes, and ultimately prove to everyone that you can? That’s the very core of this month’s celebration. 

Achieving lasting change that will uplift women will require consistent effort; and I’m thankful for Ford Philippines for taking the step by giving us an avenue to further realize our limitless potential. 

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