Minecraft version of Skyway-NLEX connector bared

A Minecraft enthusiast has built an amazing version of the Skyway-NLEX Connector in the Minecraft game.

Ryan Bayato, an incoming accountancy student of Far Eastern University, told Wheels.ph that his interest in building a Minecraft version of the Skyway-NLEX Connector came to him after he started watching Dmitrivalencia a.k.a. Pinoy Joyride’s YouTube videos three years ago.

“As his documentations (progressed), I could already figure out the outcome. With the help of rendition videos, I was able to build the Minecraft depiction,” Bayato said.

He started working on the project in July 2017 as he was stranded inside their school during a heavy downpour. Basing the details of his creation with Dmitrivalencia’s videos on the Skyway’s developments, Bayato began putting it together block by block.

The 18-year-old student shared that he initially wanted to build a version of Burj Khalifa when he started playing Minecraft in December 2016. But upon realizing that creating the tallest skyscraper in the world would take so much of his time just to make it as realistic as possible, Bayato ditched the idea and began working on the Skyway-NLEX Connector.

According to Bayato, he would continue his progress on Minecraft whenever boredom hit him, and when he wanted to refrain from playing mobile games such as PUBG and Mobile Legends.

“I usually play Minecraft for 30 minutes at least. If I wanted to finish a section myself, I allot two hours usually,” Bayato said.

Bayato said that he’s currently working on the continuation towards the NLEX Harbor Link.

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