The Pacquiao tradition in ‘Lex Vegas’

With only 500 units available worldwide, the Lexus LFA is hard to spot on the road, but it can be viewed at the Lexus BGC showroom.

As a boxing enthusiast and an avid fan of Senator Manny Pacquiao, I’ve traveled abroad a couple of times just to watch his matches live. When I don’t get to travel, my next favorite place to watch Pacquiao fights is a place I call “Lex Vegas.” 

For several years now, Lexus Philippines has kept a tradition of hosting live telecasts of Pacquiao fights in its Bonifacio Global City (BGC) showroom. And just like the buffets that Las Vegas is known for, Lexus also serves a delicious spread of brunch. Walking into the Lexus showroom is also reminiscent of walking into a chic Vegas hotel. The interiors are minimalist and elegant — combining modern design, wood accents, live plants, and generous sunlight from large glass windows. The showroom also has its own café bar that serves good coffee.

The Lexus showroom features elegant minimalist interiors, live plants,
and a café bar that serves good coffee.

The Pacquiao vs. Thurman match once again brought together members of the media, Lexus executives, and other guests to cheer together for Sen. Pacquiao at the Lexus showroom.  

These traditional Pacquiao viewings remind me of the Lexus brand philosophy.  Lexus strives to deliver “more than great quality… more than just a vehicle. Lexus is an amazing passionate experience.”  Lexus creates a lifestyle that fosters exceptional and amazing experiences. And while there is no official partnership between Lexus and Sen. Pacquiao, I found the connection appropriate. As Lexus states, “People who are characterized by passion and creativity, and who constantly question the status quo—these are the people who will truly appreciate the Lexus experience.” Manny Pacquiao broke the status quo by being the only boxer in the world with eight division world titles. Pacquiao also defied athletic expectations by continuing to win at age 40, even outclassing Thurman who is 10 years his junior.  

Sunday window shopping: The author’s husband Evan McBride and the author’s father
Atty. Nick Jimeno view the LX 570 SUV and other Lexus models after watching the Pacquiao-Thurman fight. 

Apart from watching the Pacquiao fight, I always look forward to attending events at the Lexus showroom. To be surrounded by meticulously crafted Lexus cars is an amazing experience itself. The highlight of my visit is always the Lexus LFA—a rare supercar with only 500 units sold around the world. Due to its limited number, it is rare to see the LFA on the street. Like a special artwork, you can always catch a glimpse of it in the Lexus BGC showroom.

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